Monday, August 22, 2016

Roughing It

1:56 p.m. I made the mistake of sleeping too early again, and waking up at early morning hours. Thus I was up until around 6 a.m. and took brief power naps all the way up until 10ish when Jen said she was already on her way. I had to rush to gather the fridge stuff together and even though she said shed be twenty minutes, she arrived in more like five or less than ten.

She was left waiting a few minutes as I rushed and it wasn't until we were already on the road that I realized I forgot my glasses!!! So I am going to be without those for a bit.

Skyla was happy to see me at least, over-thrilled was more like it. Jen went over the kid's schedule with me before she left and it's been Harmony and I since I got here. Jen already left and won't be back until later tonight. Watching videos and painting on the iPod. Aaliyah is still at school and I think she'll be happy to see me when she comes home. She doesn't know I'm here today.

There is a cat meowing outside, not ours. Makes me already miss the kitties at home. Harmony got fed her lunch and I ate my 'meal plan' so now we are just chilling out.

I want to do my best to not let stress get to me but we know how I am. Just hope I can last this and get my bills paid, never to think about them again....ever. Ever.

3:04 p.m. Fed the cat a leftover tuna sandwich and Harmony and I played outside with Skyla in the water hose. We just changed. I, somehow, gained weight like a lot. I thought this 'eating healthy' was supposed to work. O.o I had to squeeze into my shorts. It's only been a few days since I last exercised. Could be stress, idk but I bloated quick this week and hopefully can bounce back. O.O

5:38 p.m. Aaliyah has been home and it is going as one can expect with a eight year old and three year old. Ultimately, I'm just trying to keep calm, which is a good thing. P.S. Skyla refuses to be in a room that doesn't have me in it, lol.

6:23 p.m. Watched some videos I downloaded from my computer last night since we don't have internet. The kids are eating dinner. Their bath is at eight and bed at nine. Then, and I know this is gonna rhyme, the night is MINE!! Jen should be home sometime around their bedtime. We have two more hours to kill. Still hoping my body drops some bloat or extra fat it gained while I'm away. It's not like I have the option of pigging out or something.

8:40 p.m. The kids got to watch some Sesame Street and other videos on the Netbook while I took a few minutes for 'me' time. Aside from having trouble getting Aaliyah to do her daily reading like she was supposed to, BUT she eventually did while I got Harmony bathed and put to sleep, the night has gone okay. Now Aaliyah has bathed and it's her bed time, if only she could find a blanket. O.O I don't live here so I have no cloue where she can get one. Hopefully she isn't stalling her bedtime, kinda doubt it. Yeah.

Update: She'll just share it with Harmony.

Today went okay. If all of them go as okay as today I'm hoping I won't do too bad here.

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