Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last Post for August 2016

10:06 a.m. YAY!!!  A decent morning. I had some dreams and whatnot and woke up to here an email alert bing on my iPod, thinking it was my imagination. I got up and checked, for giggles, and the internet was connected. Not only THAT BUT my Paypal request went through so now 17 bucks is on its way to my bank account and I am GUESSING it will be there around the weekend or on Monday, which is cool with me.

Just as long as it gets there. I have two dollars to my name right now and when I come back after the weekend, if Jen manages to let me go as agreed, I desperately need to get some things for the house from the Dollar Tree. Hopefully, Aaliyah will be allowed on said shopping trip as last night she wanted something but I told her I was too short and she shoulod wait until I get more money. I plan on letting her pick out a toy, maybe even get one for Harmony. That's only if we are shopping at the Dollar TREE, NOT Dollar General or something. Dollar Tree is wear everything is a dollar. She had a quaint idea, buy plastic spoons and forks instead, since you'd get more for the price. All they have to do it rewash them. Love it!!

It's my morning off. Harmony is supposed to be at daycare until evening, Aaliyah in school until three o' clock so I am very very pleased with today so far and I hope it lasts. Last night I stayed up watching a Netflix documentary on the forensic science regarding poison, which I found interesting. :D

April and I have a similar agreement though that jurors should be made up of trained/qualified legal minds and professionals, not average joes. Especially since the lives of others often hang in the balance on their decision. -nods-

Another bonus is while I was away, I've earned five dollars so far since Friday, like a dollar a day just from sales on Secondlife alone without being there. I REALLY need to come out with a new release though. >.> I'd like to go back to the days when doing that whenever I wanted was an actual option. Cest la vie. One last note, R.I.P. Gene Wilder, who passed recently. He will be missed, in Jesus name amen, God rest his blessed soul.

10:21 a.m. Internet went out. Oh well. Time to chill out in bed, anyway. Now it's back. Still getting off the computer. Not much I want to do at the moment.

12:03 p.m. Well, so much for the afternoon off. At least I got the morning off. Jen came back early with Harmony and now I'm watching them. Just ate and feeling good and all, though. Also, I'm glad I managed to squeeze in a shower before Jen got home. She asked, defensively, if I've used any of her towels and I said no, I brought [used] my own (which I did) and she calmly said "Oh."

Maranda is making Checkers Fries. I don't know if I'm eating any or not, I usually eat the unhealthy stuff if it's served to me (because I don't want to be snooty or come off rude and impolite by rejecting it) Soda, however, is kind of another story. While I enjoyed a glass yesterday (aside from my body not really wanting to swallow the syrup) I couldn't stand another glass today of the same drink and spat it in the trash. I wasted the rest of a cup by dumping it down the sink. :( Sad face is for the waste, not for rejecting soda itself)

I suppose that's a good thing. How can you feel deprived of it if your body doesn't even like it to begin with anyway? SO!! I think we are back on that track. The rest of the house can have it. The only issue is the occassional unhealthy foods I eat now which I try to limit my intake of even then because I have watch going over the amount of calories I can possibly burn with the sediatary lifestyle I've had the past week. To be honest, I end up feeling like my safest bet is to try to be Calorie Deficient, like 1000 calories under my 'daily needs to maintain my weight', give or take. Not that I count calories. I just don't end up eating a lot throughout the day, mostly sticking to a breakfast (sometimes), lunch, and a dinner schedule, and an occassional light snack.

I've been asking for fruits and vegetables for days now (as per my agreement with Jen but I still haven't seen that happen) which is not suprising. I just miss my apples, bananas, and grapes dude. -_- In the list of priorities in her life, my needs generally fall to the bottom half of the chain, let me put it that way. Anyway, just chilling. Jen and Maranda are making food for their kids and I'm....just me. P.S. Still excited that the Paypal thing went through and money is now on the way to the back. Praise Jesus! Jesus loves, lives, died, rose, saved. God is good.

5:13 p.m. So the rest of the day has mostly been: 'Dude, I'm staying out of the way', day.

In other words, after about a half hour of having Harmony watch and sing-along-to a kids video, I moved to Aaliyah's bedroom and immediately left her to her mother. This must have been a short time before Aaliyah was due home. It's where I've been in here since. Sleeping. Peacefully. Maranda found me a REAL blanket to use, lol.

Anyway, I would wake up now and then to kids screaming and crying, and more recently, Jen and Maranda shouting at either the kids or each other. Then followed by very noisy/frustrated cooking and cleaning. Hasn't been a real quiet moment where I thought I could go out there yet and be comfortable or at peace, so I'm holed up here in Aaliyah's room...Skyla has been by my side the whole time too. Good thing, too, because she would only be caught in the middle of all that mess. P.S. Aaliyah invited me to dinner (hamburger helper) but I think I'm gonna pass, didn't even sound like it was done yet. O.O

5:34 p.m. I went out there, at a time where it was probably the most quiet it was gonna be, heated and ate leftover Checkers fries and my meal plan food (portioned) on a  medium plate....grumbling about my missing water bottle (which no one spoke up about until Maranda got up and she was sitting on it) fighting the kids to eat, and they spilled a drink I had to clean up. All in all when I finished, I retreated back to the bedroom for some good ole' fashioned SOLITUDE. O.O

7:40 p.m. Maranda invited me on her errands again, which was great. We usually spend time ranting about the stuff we hate that's going on in the house and it's good to connect with an underdog like myself. She got me soda, too, and like I said, I won't turn down the offer out of politeness. Soooo....yeah. Also had a LITTLE bit of Mcdonalds tonight, like half a double cheeseburger. That was nice, too. ^__^ I ain't perfect, but life is okay. Maranda hopes to move in a month and I hope she gets her wish.

8:56 p.m. Watched Hotel Transylvania 2 with Harmony and have been chilling out. I managed to message April and Rob about how things were before the internet cut out (Maranda's phone died) and now this day has passed. OH! And Maranda picked up plastic utensils so we'll actually have SOMETHING to eat with, Praise Jesus! I've been really unhealthy today to be honest but that's life. Cest la vie! (if that's how you even spell it.)

10:04 p.m. Been surfing GIFS and gonna update my blogger, hopefully. :)

10:50 p.m. It went fast but the blog is updated. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves!! Night folks!

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