Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Getting Into A Routine

8:17 a.m. For for the first time in a while, I woke up at a decent hour and went to bed at a decent hour. Today is my day to relax also, since Jen is home and watching Harmony, and Aaliyah is at school. I started my morning by taking Skyla out, ate a couple mini apples, 20 minute walk at 7:25 a.m., and light stretching afterward. Bonus? I think my excessive bloating from yesterday went down. So that is a confidence booster. Can't wait to get over this one month hump.

I've already come over some obstacles so far. Such as not letting the numbers that come from weighing and measuring myself cause me to quit, instead only to motivate me more on why I need to keep going. Obstacles such as junk food opportunities and skipping huge portion sizes. The temptation of soda (Although I had a LITTLE bit of apple juice yesterday) but I mainly stay away from juice drinks. Another one being tempted to let the bloat make me think this isn't working and just give up now, and wonder why I even bother.

My schedule: I got the kids today, Aaliyah for the next three days, then both on Saturday. Sunday is Lani's birthday party (another obstacle, who can resist cake? I'll have to!) Thankfully, my family generally believes in veggie platters at parties even though there is also sugar and junk food...hopefully there will be a veggie platter. O.O Harmony is asleep and Jen just left, so until Harmony wakes up it's mostly going to be a cool, calm, quiet day.

Oh, and as for a lack of air conditioning! There are window units and a working ceiling fan, so that's tolerable. I might just go nap in Jen's room with Harmony here shortly though. Still feeling a little sleepy.

Which brings me to bring up another obstacle to overcome: Bored eating. I was easily occupied with Netflix, fitness, God, and the internet to avoid eating when you're bored and doing nothing at all. Sooo..this is a thing. I can rest and let my body do what it's supposed to do. :) That's all for now.

Trying to focus on eating an appropriate number of meals a day, since before this I feel like I was eating every one or two hours, or when I was just bored. Changes are coming. Fit by age 28, which happens to be what we call in my family the GOLDEN birthday, when the year is the same number as the day. My birthday is November 28 and then I will TURN 28 years old. I really want to get in my best shape by then, not perfect, just my best that I've probably seen in a long time. I think that would be a nice gift to myself. :P I'd really like a working bicycle at some point, too though. Thank God for what we have, in Jesus Name, amen! Until later....see ya!

10:32 a.m. Harmony just woke up and I'm giving her breakfast. I didn't fall into any REM sleep in the past two hours but I would say I got a little extra rest. :) Perhaps after she's done, I can stick some cartoons on for her or something. :)

3:02 p.m. I've just been hanging out with Harmony today, lot of cartoons followed by her lunch, more tv/videos, and a snack. I just like to chill. I've been really drowsy but pushing through it. I mostly just rest my eyes a the same room as the kids of course. No REM sleep or anything. Aaliyah should be home shortly so I'll have double the babysitting until tonight. Pray for me, in Jesus name, amen! God is able! P.S. Have I mentioned enough that there is NO internet access whatsoever? There isn't. I won't see internet until I go home, I think.

At least I'll have the afternoon to myself for the next three days, at least until Aaliyah gets home everyday. Plenty of time to really sleep or do what I want, lol.

Saw Jack take his dog out today, kinda sad how much they drifted from our lives. We used to see them so often but I haven't been over there since the Christmas before Jackie passed away.

P.S. Aaliyah is home! Time to instruct her on the routine her mother established for her. She also wants to play in the water hose today so I might let her and Harmony do that for a bit, later. I'll have to help her make her bed today though as Harmony and I messed it up. >.> Also, Skyla still insists on being in the same room as I am at all times unless she's outside, haha.

Got bored and read one of Aaliyah's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody book, seeing their Mom now in it just reminds me of Sherrif Jody Mills, the cop from Supernatural, played by the same woman, haha.

5:43 p.m. Aaliyah did her reading, Harmony watched sesame street and I played with her on the camera. The kids spent a half hour playing outside in the water hose (I caught it on video) until it rained, then they got to play a few minutes in the rain, and another half hour in the bath, then tv and a little hide and seek. Winding down now. They are going to eat dinner soon. The sooner it gets to bedtime, the better.

8:27 p.m. Jen is finally home with groceries for the kids, and I hope that means that I'm going off duty. Aaliyah danced for my iPod and I played more hide and seek with Harmony. I am happy the day is over. Oh, and like half the power in the house went out. I am hoping to sleep somewhere where there is still air, i.e. the living room unless the problem is fixed.

8:31 p.m. So Jen just informed me I likely won't get paid until the second month. Not surprising, but not overjoyed about that. Not sure what to say to that, it would be easy to turn down when not in person, not so much when I am already here. >.> idk not gonna get April and Rob involved because that would start a whole kerfuffle of trouble.

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