Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Friendly Advice and Blessings from God.

9:29 p.m. I was just woken up and thrust into watching two screaming playing toddlers, and I'm on five hours sleep. I'm officially not a morning person today. -_- Do I need more reason to want to be home, with the privelege of sleeping in, and in a quieter enviroment?

Maranda and I spent a lot of hours sharing stories/bonding and talking until the midnight hours, then I spent a few more hours playing online while I could.

The kids took the one real blanket I've had to sleep with the past week so I could only sleep with a baby blanket on a child-sized bed. (They sleep in their Mom's room for now) Sound comfy? YOU try that for being your option for a week or two, eh? Jesus, I'm even mentally crabby right now. I miss my home comforts. This isn't some shocker, I knew I would before I got here.

Far as I'm concerned is I'm going through all this for free at this point because Jen won't pay me a cent if I'm not going through with the whole three months, which I really don't want to. I want to go home and stay there for months and months, loans or not. I've always been the strange person who decided no amount of money, or in this case, in the end the lack thereof, was not worth sacrificing even the small portion of me living a happy life. Life is short. I want to enjoy it.

At least Maranda just woke up. I have simply blared music in my headphones as I am not prepared to listen to screaming/arguing/squealing toddlers on five hours sleep right when just waking up. >.>

11:18 a.m. Better mood. I had some food and the kids watched kid videos and played. Drake is going down for a nap and it's just me and little Harmony now, and her purple balloon which all the kids have been fascinated with since bringing it from Marley's b-day party.

1:21 p.m. Contacted April and her advice was simple, uphold my end of the agreement UNLESS she breaks hers..THEN I can quit. Totally reasonable. Weekend off every two weeks, 130 per MONTH, for three months. THAT was our deal. So yeah, if Jen holds up her end AND pays me this month as per the original agreement, then I will be coming back as agreed. This way I don't come off as uncredible. ^__^ For all out disagreements, April's still someone to turn to when I have trouble figuring things out. Guess it works best when I'm completely open to her advice.

8:51 p.m. SO!! I put Harmony down for a nap at 2:30 and we slept together a few hours, she got up before me and I slept until 5:30 p.m. again. I woke up a bit crabby again so after that passed, I got the kids dinner made. It was hard to get them to eat, especially Harmony and then Maranda and I went to run a few small errands. I wound up coming back with two two liter sodas I bought. I am back on soda. -_- When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I can restart easily when I come home, lol.

Me, Jen, DJ, and Maranda sat at the table and we chatted about random stuff like adults, one of the few times I felt like a grown member of this family lol. Now everyone is dispersing. Maranda is until she gets the kids to bed, anyway so it's just me typing in the living room.

Also, I'm thinking of using my sl money, if it gets in my bank account from Paypal, to get some stuff for the house from the dollar tree. Silverware, dishes, etc. because it's to the point of sharing like three forks with an entire household and a few cups. We need the help. XD I can be generous. I'm feeling better finally about coming back, I just hope I don't get let down to the point where I really am driven away. I feel for Maranda, after all, all the babysitting load she's stuck with.

It SHOULD be in my Paypal by now, ready to be transferred to my bank account over the next few days but I can't check until I can use her hotpsot again and the phone is dead...sooo yeah. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves folks! Mwuah!!

9:39 p.m. So I almost got completely locked out of my Paypal account by typing the password wrong ONCE so that was scary, because they refused to accept a new number being it was registered in Grandpa's name. SO! I went the route of 'forgot passowrd' and went through OTHER available security options which worked and now I'm back in my account, praise Jesus! The money was not in there so we will have to wait until tomorrow to see, I guess.

Also, Joe, Shane, and is girlfriend are thinking of moving in. Not a popular choice, except maybe Shane (who we've known since early childhood.)

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