Saturday, August 20, 2016

Editing the Dream Doctor

6:18 a.m. It's that time again where I am editing the Dream Doctor and hopefully finally going to publish the final draft...I've been writing and re-writing this for some years now, anyway. To finally finish it would be a great blessing.

Currently around 79,000 words and less than 200 pages. I also made brand new cover art. :D Love it so much!! :D

1:36 p.m. FINALLY got some sleep and woke up around noon. Woke up to a negative review on one of my Secondlife products so I immediately went online and kicked into my customer service mode, including a refund, and in the end appeased the customer. I adjusted the listing to something more agreeable and we both go about our day happy.

I had a couple mini apples this morning, normally would have exercised after but I guess it just didn't happen that way. We are supposed to be grocery shopping but no telling what time we are going today, if we are going.

I also learned that the Dream Doctor book is cheap enough to afford that just cashing out my lindens when the time comes (about ten dollars worth after fees) will easily let me buy it. :D I still am going through and manually editing it though but fear not! I will soon have that book in my hands after all these years. O.O Jesus rejoices. (Sometimes the Spirit in me shouts that so I feel the need to type it.)

Hooray for productivity by the way! Seems both April and I of late have returned to our nostalgic habits. She does make work for Deviantart and 'so far' I seem to be back to regularly, and therapeutically, blogging and writing.

By the way, the novel went through quite a few years of editing, so please do not let the grammar of this blog post reflect the grammar in this book. I don't even have the edited versions posted up to date on the book blog, which will get its preview entries deleted anyway once I start selling the book itself.

(I also notice some errors in the summary on the back flap, which will also be fixable.) The book took years, the summary took (what felt like) twenty minutes, so mistakes are understandable there.

4:00 p.m. Time flies when you're editing a book. O.O On page 48/198 as far as editing goes and taking a break. Pleased as punch with the progress so far.

5:18 p.m. I've been chilling out and watching Supernatural. Still waiting for my Adsense approval, if God wills, so fingers crossed guys! Here's to people making an income for following their dreams and passions!

6:13 p.m. Page 59 edited. Tacos are making me kinda hungry now...uh oh. P.S. Not grocery shopping today.

6:35 p.m. Probably not a move I should make again. I can feel the unhealthiness. Did a little stomach exercises and munched some celery after so that helped mentally at least. :D

8:51 p.m. I'm winding down for the evening. Still on a Supernatural marathon and tried to make a new PSD for Secondlife but wasn't feeling too excited about I just gave away the top base for free. :) People have been so nice.

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