A Daily Diary: At Least For Another Day


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

At Least For Another Day

11:32 a.m. I am amidst my morning routine of eating a fruit breakfast of bananas and apples. After which I plan to read my Bible, a little devotionals, dress and get ready to for a workout before I fall over and need to nap and wake in the afternoon. Typical pattern with me lately.

Last night, I FINALLY put Booksmart up to date after staying up in the late hours. I've been on the same blurb book for over a year now so it's interesting...just because so much time is passed between entries.

I slept in and feeling a little less energetic today. My boost usually kicks in once I get some music going and start secretly dancing like a dork around the house, quite happily. :D One more thing, another reason it's a good idea to be blogging again is because I will be going to my sister's trailer, where there will come many a' time (because they live on their phone data and not any household internet) where I will have nothing better to do than write about my day in the coming months.

Let's hope if I pick up this habit, I don't drop the other, my vegetarian goal considering I can't bring all my food over there because this is a shared household. Pray for me. Mwuah! :) Jesus rejoices. P.S. I slept in today, hence the later hour.

12:52 p.m. Just got back from my workout today. Between the huge stress, bloating from not drinking water enough, and recent poor sleep habits, I'm not looking very slim. I also need to increase my veggie intake because I eat a lot of fruit. I see myself a lot prettier in the mirror. Pray to God to see some actual cheekbones someday, that puffy face XD Again, camera is not reflecting the beautiful person I actually see in the mirror, lol. Just can't capture it, I suppose.

Fitness bonus, finding your fave animal in the world on your outing. Got off two shots before he disappeared into the sewer. Typical Florida.

4:17 p.m. Rob needed someone to hang out with. I wanted to nap after, but I got the idea to redo the book cover for the journal by photo-manipulating myself as a fantasy character. Sounds fun ^_^

7:03 p.m. Nearly three hours later and finished making myself a fantasy character. Will  make a nice cover for the journal. It is just supposed to be a character so I wasn't caring if it came out much like me or not. lol.

7:28 p.m. Surfing blogs. Randomly in that mood to read about the thoughts, feelings, and adventures of others.

8:16 p.m. I suppose that's enough blog surfing. Almost ready for bed. Feeling so tempted to veer off the veggie thing just because it would make it easier to find something to eat. I haven't quite clung onto the possible varieties vegetarianism for poor people can have. Beh.

I am kinda craving meat. Idk. I did give myself the option of opting out if this wasn't for me. I'm not sure if it is. I can certainly continue portion sizes but I'm not sure I can keep all this up.

9:58 p.m. Ate a chicken pattie with veggies. There. I will eat healthy more often, but not going vegetarian. Not for me. Night. God bless, Jesus loves lives saves!

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