Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Latest News This Month

My stuff came in, except for the fishnet gloves, including my BEAUTIFUL wig and net! I treated it for a few days in fabric softener, then combed and cut it. The result was pleasing. ^__^ A lot less fake shine, too and fresh baby powder smell.


Of course, yesterday, I couldn't wear it out because April has a high sensitivity/aversion to perfumed smells which remained on the wig after treating it. Still, can't complain....


The mannequin head came in busted on the bottom, it's on a stand now. BUT I did get a refund. My books came in, except for This fabulous Century 1950-1960 because the seller was honest and didn't want to send me a very damaged book. Got a refund for that, too. ^__^

Have yet to use the wireless mouse to test it out. The iPod stand works, the rings make my fingers feel unpleasant and not as shiny as in the picture...still somehow cool though.

Went to Mom's and back again, and asked to stay home for a long while afterwards because I need a long time at home before going away again.

Harmony turned the big THREE years old!! I love that little girl!

I've been saving Lindens. I've almost made back the 70 plus bucks I spent on the site to date and am at 15K and rising. Whoop whoop! :D Plan to keep saving after that.

I need to start my meds again.

On a computer note, mine is breaking. Literally takes a 15-30 minutes to complete a simple task on Secondlife that would normally only take a few seconds. -_- Thankfully, Rob offered to get me new hard drive and if worse comes to worse, April will let me go back to having a side account on her computer. I got God on my side, shouldn't worry so much.

 It's easy to sit at a breaking computer and strangely accuse it of having a vendetta against me, determined that this is a world where it makes no sense to work properly, etc. etc. A lot of nonsense things I say during my frustration at it.

The cats go outside a lot now. Dreams about JRM are fewer and farther in between but still happen. He's an okay dude. ^^ Happy for him and Mara of course. :D

I want the Vogue coloring book I saw at Wal Mart. O.O 

"White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplanes has massively been in my head and I want to buy that song!! 

Also, Zackary took Kelsey out to his military ball. His mother would have been so proud! She was BEAUTIFUL! My little cousins thought she was Elsa on first glance, lol.

By the way, our dryer is STILL broken and I still have to dry my clothes on a clothes line.
Also, been watching Supernatural and am I still gripped for the season finale. Was not fond of Metatron's painful death. Why do shows wait until villians do the right thing before making them die? :(  Ugh. 

But yeah, I wanna see it!!!!

That is all for now. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves!!!

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