A Daily Diary: April 2016


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Newness plus Wish.com review.

It's been 17 days.

I wear glasses now!!!

Got them at Wal Mart which was painless. Mom footed the 50 dollar exam fee and I paid 38 dollars for the new glasses. 

 I just got back from Mom's after house sitting on Thursday until Monday (two days ago) The place was a friggin' paradise! Morning jacuzzi soaks, inground pool, scenic lake views, food, and of course, taking care of the dog (who is SO not a puppy anymore but her heavy self insisted either on sleeping ON me or backing me against the wall XD) watched movies, etc.

All one big vacation practically for me.

A photo posted by Victoria Anne Marie (@chelsmith18) on

I was unsatisfied with my Ipsy makeup mystery purchase so I brought the bag to Jens to do a  makeup swap for makeup I ACTUALLY wanted!

Mom got me an aux cord (as I was tired of one being missing from her car) AND a 15 dollar iTunes gift card which I used to get great songs (including a Maddie and Tae album for around 5.99 on sale) and a full paint app.

As for that hundred bucks for house sitting.....

$20 dollars on lindens for Secondlife. Paid up my rentals there and gifted April a bit. Very happy.

27.99 for a new webcam, praise the LORD! Don't even have a mic on my computer let alone cam.

$21.71 on books. 
This Fabulous Century series, Years:

I already own 1870-1900 and 1920-1930

Only not ordering the final 1960-1970 version because it was higher priced and I want to save my money at this point. 

And...Jen introduced me to Wish.com. It started when I simply shared a post of this ring I liked from my Facebook feed. I'm a sucker for crowns.

Costs $1.90 INCLUDING shipping. Only downside is shipping will take forever but who complains at that price.

$22.90 got me all this, INCLUDING shipping.

The wig itself was only 7 dollars!!! AND I've been surfing Youtube on how to enhance wigs to make them realistic so this will be even more of a steal. 

All below INCLUDES price after shipping.

Wig: 7 dollars
iPod holder: 2 dollars
Mannequin head: 3 dollars
Mouse: 3 dollars
Fishnet gloves: 2 dollars
Ring: 1.90
Chalkboard stickers/pen: 4.00

Good thing I stopped myself as I was worried about compulsive shopping.

These are the pros. ;)

Refunds seem to be an option. They even let you keep the item if it arrives after you get your refund so you may even be getting the item for free!

Low Prices!!

Wide variety of items to choose from.

Great clothes. Order very large sizes as these ship from China and their sizing types are different.

 Bang for your buck!

Reviews and customer-submitted images give you a better idea of what you are getting.

Long shipping wait times. (not so bad)

A few PORNOGRAPHIC items were in my feed advertising sex toys and there is no known way to block that. Shamefully there were even sex toys in the baby/kids section so watch yourself. That was the biggest turn off for me. God have mercy on our souls.

There's a chance of wrong color, wrong size. But you get what you pay for, shop smart. I don't recommend getting electronics here as things will be cheaply made. :P

Shipping is small but adds up because they charge shipping per individual item (usually for me 1-3 dollars) instead of as a whole order in your cart.

Items are from different sellers and will arrive at different times.


Switching up the shopping topic, I have to talk about something. I had to skip my anti-depressant meds most of the week because it gives me, ahem, bowel issues and Mom's toilet was screwy so she asked me not to go 'number 2' in there....so I didn't take them.

After coming home and shopping, I wasn't feeling 'buyers remorse' so much as I was ashamed of spending all that cash in one day (deals or not) so I had to pray it out, maybe it still weighs on me a bit now that I bring it up. 

I went from 100 dollars to 11 dollars. Not so bad but still, hehe.

I felt like writing so that's a good thing. Speaking of which, I have been on more of an SL break than typical and thinking of editing my book once I get motivated. I will edit that thing to death, been writing it for probably 4-5 years now! -shakes fist- I don't care as much if it gets published, though. 

It's just 'my' story. 

THE story which has my heart and I'm this passionate about telling. :D

Today I am youtube marathoning on this vlogger I found after watching Wish.com testimonials. Tomorrow, God only knows. Take care. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. Believing Jesus matters.

P.S. Harmony is three next month and my sister is converting to Islam. She has my support if thats what she wants to do. Praying for her. Yay!

More soon....

P.S. Kinda curious about the Ancestry DNA thing. Maybe I could do it one day if there is the expendable cash for it. XD Quite curious about my origins.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ahem....Been Over a Month!

6:06 a.m. As usual, been expanding business more than ever in Secondlife. I caught a beauty pageant with the kids and spent time with Mom, early LAST month.

I'm supposed to be getting glasses on Monday.

I haven't been venting.

I'm ashamed to say my profanity usage has increased and that needs to change. Mostly because on Secondlife's glitchs.

At the time of this post, Future self, I rent six places and have two brands. This is the most recent shot of your temporary store: (If God willing it is a temporary one)

It looks all pretty and shiny.

Dark Cat stores are not on good terms with me as much as I wish otherwise, she refuses, so I must let be what be. She wrongfully accused me of plagiarism on a dress I made and we had to sort that out, (in the same conversation telling me she was wrongfully accused of something then banned from a group) then she made nice and blocked me thereafter.

April was blocked for being associated with me.

I have since given up answering the door for Donny and now it is common practice for Rob and April to get it. No, I still do not enjoy his banging on the door for as long as he can, waking me up several times weekly. I forgive him but I also gave up. Can't do it after a year, ya know?

We recently got an influx of donated groceries from April's parents, Mom got me over 300 dollars of new clothes last month which was needed, and more recently the laundry soap I needed to wash them. >.>

I've come to the conclusion I don't trust any man who resorts to the slightest flirtation with me. I've realized I want to marry a guy like my Dad, a laid back VERY non romantic nice guy. (I've never seen him in a suit once in my entire life of 27 years, not the formal or romantic type, not even the day he married my Mom.) 

Below is my Dad on his wedding day back in 1986. No suit. Just casual shirt and slacks.

They also got married on a bridge next to a children's playground. :P

I haven't been dumping my emotions into my blog like I should. I'm on the cliff edge of addiction, if not poured over in it, with maintaining my existence in Secondlife. Not exactly putting God first which is a thin line to walk with Him. I feel He loves me though. I feel Him pouring over me as I write this, like a reassurance. :) God is real when you got things like that happening to you. 

Mom gave me 90 bucks recently. 10 went into SL, another to join ipsy so my sis can get referral points, and more will be going into glasses after my much needed exam.

Still trying to turn SL into a business if I can just get over spending impulses like renting from Zoha and trying to be a renter and not keeping it, instead building the store above. Spent 2K on that, another 2 to pay a months rent on all my other shops...which helps in the long run. The more time I keep on those babies the less I worry. XD Made 4K last week and its gone, and thats where it went. Earned, not bought with real money, so I felt a bit better about that but still...I'll live.

April is lending me 200L so that helps so I can make stuff and get churning profit again. Full perm stuff really sells well in the first week and then sales slow again so it's odd.

Hopefully this addiction thing will change and I will resume a normal existence. I got my laundry washed last night, so that was a start.

I've really been wanting to post the latest Facebook posts of mine so here goes the greatest hits of the past month:

ALSO, April and Rob's friend came by and we all hung out. I'm my good ole' third wheel self as you know. We stayed up and I went to bed first, didn't sleep much.

Mom woke me up at 9 a.m. by tapping her nails on my window and I moaned in annoyance, thinking Donny had the nerve to do it. But I wasn't expecting her, as I thought I was going with Rob when he gets his glasses instead. But nope, she came :). As it turned out, the doctor was booked, so I go Monday. 

Meanwhile they shopped and I made Harmony smile as I like to do. My night ended with Banzo sleeping in my bed. The animal answer to my prayers, and what have you. More soon....

Painted an avatar in my likeness is SL. Not for sale anymore though as it's too weird. XD

On a better note, I painted this new profile picture which I enjoy, featuring a top which I made for personal use only. :D She looks snarky but I love it. Wearing the Genesis Labs mesh head, Julia. :D

11:49 p.m. A whole day passed. We grocery shopped, I slept, and gave SL more of a break than usual. My laundry is drying, casts are fed, I still feel tired...though...very drowsy lately. But glad to not spent 15-17 hours on Secondlife today. >.> So far.

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