Thursday, February 25, 2016

Attempting Again...

7:57 a.m. As far as old defunct blogs go, I realize there is a series of 'trying to come back' posts before the blog is abandoned altogether. For the sake of health, let's hope it does not come to this. I've played on Secondlife but I think I'm giving it a break for now today so work on my blurb book. Wish me the best.

Dreamt of JRM again....somewhere in there. I was on the bus through england and admiring the beaches, comparing themto Floridas, and loving how England's seemed 'tidier with more narrow buildings' more soon....

10:25 a.m. AFTER MONTHS OF PROCRASTINATION, It took around two and a half hours to get that thing up to date...from posts back in SEPTEMBER!! XD

Now I need a break..and to move Garbanzo from my lap. O.O

5:36 p.m. After a day of a vintage Supernatural marathon and making chicken pasta, I had a nap. Dreamt April and I met the backstreet boys, all wearing white with blue floral print, and them hearing my old crush letters about them. XD

Then woke up really hot.

C* Christie Tank - Dollarbie
Roommates. We have a casual thing of 'Air Conditioner' roulette going. One of us is freezing, while another is far too hot. I woke up  way too hot. So I turned the air on. :P I also, in the past few days, have kept my little fan how much I love sleeping to the hum of it even though it doesn't blow very hard.

8:48 p.m. My, how time flies. Just got done making a cute new top in Secondlife. Love it! Plus selling the folds and shading to them full perm and cheap!!

Feelin' like I need to eat and watch Netflix.

1:06 a.m. Been there, did that. Made another top on SL...and about 13 colors of it. >.> Bed time. God, bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! G'nite!

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