Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Lot Has Happened In Almost Two Months.

11:10 a.m. Looks like I got a lot of catching up to do. To get down to the basics:

1. I've been growing my hair out. It's now medium length with blonde tips and I enjoy it very much. Yes, this means the buzzed look is gone and is staying gone.

2. The whole JRM fandom thing has been slowly fading away, probably for the better. I am constantly praying for him and Mara though so there's good news.

3. I'm still a dateless wonder. I re-activated my OkCupid account for a brief time and then let it go.

4.The government cut my food stamps off. For some reason, their logic is that if you don't have a job or means of affording food, we'll see to it that we don't give you any money for food, anymore. Because we think you're lazy and cant imagine someone not being near a job or owning a car to get to one....why can't we imagine such a thing? BECAUSE WE ARE FILTHY RICH! Yup. Sums it up. Anyway!!

5. Coot died recently. :/ RIP.

6. In single day, I found out both of my parents are remarrying (to different people obviously.) As usual, I was not the first to find out but big deal.

My Mom wants to leave Florida and move to Colorado, and thus leave us here in Florida.

I suppose she should follow her dream. All her kids are grown and there just comes that time in life where your parents are going to move far from you and continue pursuing their life. Can't say I won't miss her to death, though. lol.

She helps me out more than anyone in my family. It'll be hard without her.

7. My niece was born. Brooklyn Cadence Smith. I've only met her once since she was born but she is beautiful! I don't think I've seen any of my family since around Christmastime. :/

8. I've been in and out of depression, in and out of laziness. I've spent a lot of time focusing on my growing Secondlife shop and managing THAT blog. I earn around 800L or so weekly now so its going fairly nice.

I suppose part of it was involved with the fact of not writing out my feelings like I used to. I think when I did on a frequent basis it put me in a better place, a better mood altogether.

9. The above was made all the more easy because Rob got help from his family with his computer build. Mom gave me money for a monitor, speakers, and extension cord and now I have my own computer in my own space. No more need to borrow theirs. Needs a Windows 10 activation but Rob's Mom will be kindly helping out with that as well.

10. I finished the entire series of LOST.

11. My iPod touch did NOT break by now! SCORE!!

12. I still do art here and there.

13. I've dreamt of Caleb several times lately. I think he's that subconscious representation of my need to be in a relationship, and more ever to be intimate with someone.

14. I still dream of Jackie. Often just to hug her. I mean, I guessed her sudden death (It's been almost a year now) meant I would be dreaming of her a lot more often than I did when she was alive, but it is always a peaceful thing. I happen to believe Angels can come visit you in your dreams. Some sort of chance to be endearing to loved ones you have lost, without having to be dying first.

Of course, I never mention this sort of thing on Facebook, where both of her grieving parents are, for obvious reasons.

I saw Mike, her Dad, some weeks ago and he just had that look. He smiled at me, but you can't help but see a piece of his former light missing...the piece of him his daughter took when she left this world. Deep breath....hmm? What else.

15. I still dream of JRM and Mara, fewer and farther in between and I stopped writing those dreams down. I had some dream last night where I had a small homely hotel where celebrities stayed...I wanted them to show and they did..also Misha Collins was there and he toured..I don't recall much else.

16. I did just start old episodes of Supernatural again and wound up catching up on Goldbergs and Fresh Off The Boat.

17. I've lost grip on a few things in my life. My eating habits for one thing, hygenics could be better, chores....just kinda wandering through my day most of the time. I tend to look back on my healthier days where I was active and getting things done..then wonder what happened to me to change it all.

18. I cook late at night on some occasions like around 3-4 a.m. lol

19. Uncle Pat is doing well, and not being back in prison. I'm very thankful to God for that.

20. I can't wait until Fuller House premieres on Netflix. I'll be watching with Nostalia glasses but still super excited!

21. Constant plans were made this past month to see my nieces but they sadly came to nothing. For some reason or another, Jen could not bring them that's sad.

22. Garbazno is as cuddly as ever!

23. Also, these headphones O.O

24. I continued work on the Dream Doctor in late January by doing an audiobook (halfway done) and starting the first couple chapters of the graphic novel.

25. That's all for now. I should update this when I think of more. Still need to update my blurb book at some point. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves! Bye!

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