Friday, February 26, 2016

3D Modeling is SO hard!

10:40 a.m. Here's venting, list of common problems when I'm making mesh:
1. Can't get an AO map to be made.
2. UV map can only come out funky looking.
3. SL won't upload it.
4. SL will upload it but it won't texture properly.
5. Won't have proper physics to use.
6. Invisible parts that weren't meant to be invisible.
7. Can't get vertices marked the way I want them.
8. Hit some random key combination and mess up what I'm doing.
9. Inability to undo a mode I have no idea I put the viewer in.
10. Forgetting to save.

Its like if I'm clear on all these other obstacles, there's always gonna be one of these. UGH! Frustrating. I an build mesh. I just have trouble with all that red tape listed above to get it working in Secondlife.

-facepalm- I'll keep trying though...

1:27 p.m. I think God really does listen to griping. Making my next mesh was a success, hard work, but a success. feeling relieved.

I tried to make this, I think days agao, and it didn't work out. I gave up. Glad I tried again, praise God. :D Taking a break from the 3D thing at the moment. I need to eat. Also, in today's odd news:

Kinda want to save this moment in history and look back on it ten years from now XD

8:07 p.m. I had no idea Secondlife was running the while time. O.O We went grocery shopping to two different stores, then I hung out in the living room. I once again accidentally locked Carlo in my room but he didn't poo in my bed like last time, Thank God...I think. But yeah, he was just chilling.

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