Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Year in Review...According to Instagram

Here's a brief review of my year based on what I see in my Instagram feed, from the beginning to end of the year. P.S. It's the new year!!! It's 12:07 a.m. So 'last' year in review.

Bonfire on new years. Have a slimmer figure than usual and still drawing in my big sketchbook. I took my bike to places such as the park and dollar store. I was also editing the Dream Doctor.

Some days I would go sit with the neighbors (who have long since moved by now) and just chat, being internet free and watching crime shows. But yeah, I loved taking the trip to Patterson Park.

Then there was the time we went to MOSI for Malania's birthday and I hung out with Aaliyah and Harmony. I also got that Cross off the ground Mom told me to grab..I have it somewhere...

More drawing. Then there was that time Rob and I tried to make a batch of brownies in a muffin pan and they came out like deflated lifeless cupcakes.

I drew Cara Delevinge making a weird face. 

I still excercised, it even led me to visit the Fort Meade museum, which I went to see again on several other occassions afterward.

I tried hair chalk.

I visited with my nieces and enjoyed my natural hair for the last time. Because right after that I began dying it blonde.

Hissy had five kittens on April's birthday, March 25.

I drew some more and got blonder over the next month.

Another bonfire, then a Marilyn Monroe 'FBI files released' tabloid magazine later...

Jackie passed away at 19. I made a coaster in her honor with my long-desired Mod Podge I finally bought at Wal-Mart. I've dreamed of her quite a few times since.

I drew some more and we watched the kittens as they learned to walk. 

I made a trip to Mema's house and took photos of the pretty yard. :) Drew some more and caught Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on television..then The Mummy. I walked to Wal Mart a few times while I was there, too. lol.

I ate less than usual, a bit healthier. I then spent the night at Dad's where I had a big meal lol.

From there I visited Mom's house and my nieces, essentially successfully making my rounds of visiting my family who I had gone without seeing for a long while.

I used a piece from a lazer to make a close-up camera on a phone. It was fun.

I got watercolor paper finally and experimented with that.

I started dieting and exercising regularly. 32 weeks ago. I made a lot of visits to the park in that time and saw a change in my body. Again, I visited Mema's, this time after her health scare to help out, and I kept up my healthy kick.

I rescued a weak kitten from beneath the house. Mucus has glued its eyes shut and I lovingly clean it off, before eventually having to set it free.

The cats got bigger and cuddled on me more, especially Garbanzo. We still had five kittens at this time.

I practiced more watercolor painting. The kittens got more playful. I still dieted well and continued doing art stuffs, such as coloring with crayons after using a multi-planter thingy to hold my crayons.

I made another visit to Mom's house and played with the kids. Aaliyah invented a bubble dance and I photoshopped Zackary into a video game character. Lots of group selfies with the little ones. :)

I introduced them to 'Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.'  26 weeks ago.

Aaliyah visited for a week and I made her a little purple princess dress. She enjoyed visiting our elderly neighbor, Myrtice and played with sparklers in the spirit of fourth of July. She also watched a ton of youtube unboxing and play doh shows.

I painted more watercolors after taking the leftover paper and forming it into a handmade book. Harmony made a visit with Aaliyah and they played with Lavidia our kid neighbor.

 We got down to three kittens and by now they were suckling Hissy for the last couple times, against her will.

Harmony and Aaliyah visited again for the day and they watched Youtube.

I SHAVED HALF MY HEAD AT 3 A.M. AND LOVED IT! I attempted a mohawk. By now I was also attempting to date and close as it got, we never got around to it and we went our seperate ways shortly after.

18 weeks ago.

I watched a lot of Scrubs.

Harmony made another visit and chased the poor cats. She had fun doing it though. 

I attempted to get a job with Velma and it went so horrible that it's hard to describe. On the plus side, I stayed for a week though not uncomplainingly and hung out with the kids. 

Then I got on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication.

Halloween after that was great. April finally let me take a picture of her. We had no trick or treaters but we had candy and we had each other.

Not much went on with my Instagram afterwards besides some cat videos, not until Thanksgiving came around.

My brother gave me weird looks for taking pictures of Tampa buildings, as if its not something I rarely see (trust me, the glittering buildings are not seen enough by me even as a born Floridian)

Five weeks ago.

Drake turned on the living room light with his Mommy's help. 

I went to Aunt Steffs for thanksgiving. Good food, brief time at the park with the kids, Aaliyah on April's phone, and just all around family time. I was supposed to see Dad but it didn't pan out. 

I visited with Mom for a brief period afterwards. Went the same as it always did. Kids and my technology, lol.

I had an awesome birthday trip! We got this cup I loved which have fake ice inside the tumbler, socks, pastels, cork board, and I bought Christmas presents before Mom had to go to bingo.

Two weeks passed before I posted to Instagram again...just a picture of the three cats snuggled together. 

Then another week passed.

I went to a birthday party and saw Uncle Pat on his first days of freedom, played with Harmony and fed her pie, and watched her open Christmas gifts with other kids. Again there was good food.

I did a watercolor for the first time in 22 weeks, one week ago.

To celebrate Christmas, I also had a hot chocolate with cookie gelato, mini marshmallows, and caramel all in one. I was very sugar drunk afterwards.

Christmas happened and I got an iPod touch!! Among other things...took my first photo with it and posted it to Instagram.

I used my new art supplies to make new artworks...five days ago.

I posted my last selfie for 2015 and thats the last Instagram image. :)

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