Sunday, November 8, 2015

It's Been Almost A Week.

4:26 p.m. I've been busy all week, so let me fill you in. With the combined help of Ruby, Rob, and April, I finally have an inworld store on Secondlife. I've spent this week adding inventory, decorating, managing, etc. So it's just the beginning. Also, creating a few things here and there as well.

Rob got me an awesome Tumbler for my early birthday gift which is awesome! It has blue camo-ish look with a 'rhinestone' beaded center. I love that thing. I've been wanting an actual tumbler for ages now so it really means a lot.

I made thanksgiving plans to go spend a few days with my Dad at his house for Thanksgiving. I never went over to Mom's on November 4th like I thought was going. to happen.

Still have not added entries to either my blog or my blurb book yet, which needs to be done at some point. Like I said, I've been heavily focused on Secondlife this week. Wrapping my Christmas gifts is also on my to-do list. Still need to get something for DJ and Maranda, then maybe my list is complete. Also, been quite a bit drowsy a lot as taking my anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication goes on. I've been dying to write though...just needed to get up the motivation to do it.

Add in Netflix, Hulu, and hanging out with April and Rob, and of course, a lot of sleeping, and a few times dreaming of JRM and Mara, and you have my free time. God be with me. We also did a major grocery shopping trip yesterday with food stamps, so that was great. :D Rob and I went with Rick, April cared for her Mom.

A guy who I knew in my childhood passed away a couple days ago named Paul Wooten. He was a bully to me as a kid. I forgave him, even though we never reconnected in any way. May he rest in peace, in Jesus name, Amen. Prayers for his family as well. :)

Hissy is in a but of a hissing mood....probably cause of all the kittens in here. Too bad. She was so nice earlier.

On a random note, this whole day feels like an evening....just all wound down...a bit lazy and boring. Aside from working on it a little this morning, I'm taking the first real break from my store I've had all week. VERY happy with it. That is all for now. If I got more to say, I will come up the fact that mema offered me all her old Christmas decorations and we accepted. :D My computer is charging, my room is overrun by cats, yada, yada. Exactly one week until I respond to that letter from my past self five years ago. God only knows what it will say.....

10:02 p.m. Went shopping for Christmas decor for my SL inworld shop, then checked the news. Bed time....

9:21 p.m. After hanging out with Rob, I made a new dress for Secondlife. :D Near broke on that site now but I shall be alright lol. 

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