Monday, November 30, 2015

I Have To At Least Cover My Birthday....

First of all, I got music videos downloaded and everything backed up before leaving with Grandpa last I wrote. Spent Wednesday playing with the kids.

Thanksgiving went well on Thursday. Never went to Dad's house because DJ took me straight to Aunt Steffs without having me get clothes first. BUT Aunt Steff's house was fun. Watched Modern Family and the Chrisley family, played at the playground with the kids, ate good food, played with the kids some more. Dad says he hopes to see me soon and bring me a used tablet as my birthday present. Friday was a normal day and I played a lot and bonded with the kids.

That night, since Mom is moving and got rid of the furniture, I laid on a coffee tabel covered in cardboard and a leopard fleece blanket to watch Burn Notice with Mom's Wifi hotspot.

Then SKYLA wanted up, with pleading eyes, and she took up about half of that small space. I dealt with it a bit.

I went to sleep at a decent hour and shared a twin bed with Aaliyah and two dogs. Woke up around 2 a.m. and stepped in a giant dog puddle because I didn't let them out late enough. Then I couldn't sleep.

I had laid out a pair of sweats to visit Uncle Pat from the night before and my shoes were by the front door. When I got up, Maranda had cleaned the whole house and moved things, including my of which was missing. The pants were missing too and I was searching for those. Found them under Mom's bed.

We went to the prison and got there at 8 a.m. and had a six and a half hour visit. P.S. My shoes I borrowed from Mom set off the metal detector but no biggie. ANYWAY.

At one point there was this raccoon climbing in and out of the tree and every time the guards came close, he'd scurry back up there. Finally, they trapped him with a garbage can and a round of applause ensued.

I had some good boneless chicken wings, snickers, a coke, and cheetos.

Also, Mom, Grandpa, and Johnny (Mom's friend) had root beers that were luring honey bees. One came down and drank some off the can as we watched, meanwhile towards the end (when there were three) I refused to be near the table with them around.

I can be happy he's getting out in a couple weeks. I keep praying he'll re-enter society successfully after ten years and stay out of trouble. God help us all.

After leaving, Mom took me to get two pairs of new sandals from the manicure place, then the five and under store she and Jen raved about and their hype was justified.

I got new birthday gifts (pastels, a tumbler with fake ice in the walls, cork board, and socks) before we headed to a parking lot as Mom waited on her friend for Bingo. Then I thrift shopped, finishing off my Christmas list.

Then Grandpa took me to get a cake. I picked out a simple one and the lady was nervous to write on it, saying she was the only one there and just the decorator. I didn't even ask for my name considering that and just asked for a simple 'Happy Birthday.' Every year, as we know, I must have a cake for my birthday if nothing else, no matter my age. I went to Mom's, shared cake, and left.

I got home to find nobody home, then Rob and April came back from grocery shopping. I got an awesome gift from Rob:
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: The Graphic Novel

I enjoyed it thoroughly yesterday, though it left off at a cliffhanger and now I need to sequel. lol.

We had a bit of Vodka, I felt sick and went to bed, avoiding my pills out of necessity.

The next day I went dollar store shopping and bought stocking stuffers, came home, and played Secondlife until 4 p.m. Then we went to April's Mom's to help decorate the tree until around 7-8 p.m. We came home. I was wiped. Went to bed.

Today I played on Secondlife and did a little creating. All. Caught. Up.

P.S. My digestion has not gone well today, I'm tired, legs hurt, my throat has been scratchy, and I'm a little hungry.  It's 6:00 p.m. by the way, lol.

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