Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weird Dream Yo!!!

7:02 a.m. Alright, I just had one big nightmare. In the dream, April was shooing me away because she was doing pagan stuff..not just from her room but mine as well. I threw a fit and stormed out, and it blew up, and she came outside and started looking for me. Meanwhile, I lost her.

I went to a Church which had this lovely african-american woman leading it and she was a pastor. The Church doubled as a homeless shelter and I got the tour. The rooms were pretty impoverished. She showed me where I would be sleeping, as she once did, next to a blonde guy on a hard floor near a..urine stain which smelled. And possibly a smelly blanket.

I took a moment and politely declined, then said I was going to go home and work things out with April. I told her to just pray for me and that things will work out.

I made it outside the Church and her 12 year old self walked upon the lawn..possibly looking for me, dressed in all white, in a bridesmaids gown she showed me in a picture.

For privacy reasons, I cannot share this picture on the internet, sorry.

It was just a very 90's style dress with white scoop neck and long white sleeves...and a veil too. She was even wearing the kind of glasses she wore at that age. I don't recall if she had flowers or not though.

Anyway, I was on the steps and ducked, thinking she would spot me, and was sort of relieved when she didn't and went in anyway.

Then the real her showed up, eyes still searching and somewhat seething, and she did slowly come over.

I thought this was the moment we would make things up but no, she immediately began yelling at me and throwing used toilet paper rolls at my face, (because they had something to do with her past that I needed to accept, I can't remember what.)

I shouted some words and did some strange fight move where I literally kicked her in a way that my leg bore all her weight. (Not happy about this part, sorry) and it then dropped her to the ground. I ended the dream feeling ashamed I had not made things up like I was supposed to.

Anyway, I thought I 'woke up' and told April I dreamed this on Skype. But I didn't.

Then I really woke up, and after a few hours of sleep, and I was about to write it...there was a message for me about getting the tub cleaned today (which I did before bed last night, thankfully.)

I'm awake, got caffeine, and a cat in my lap.

7:15 p.m. Banzo keeps biting me, not that hard, just biting down a little so I had to have him leave. :(

7:29 p.m. Reading over this, I'm seeing a LOT of reference in the dream to our bathtub incident yesterday morning.  The drain clogged, leaving some water in there, and it stagnated. A terrible smell, like cat urine according to April. She drained it after some effort.

She kindly asked me to bleach it (I was on no sleep) and I ended up going to bed until 4 p.m., then being on Secondlife all day. (organizing inventory during a break from creating.) Though she very clearly TOLD me that there was special bleach under the sink, I forgot and I was thinking there was nothing we could do about it because we didn't have 'laundry' bleach which is not the same thing she was talking about.

Anyway, I got it done before bed. Took like ten minutes. Then had this dream after I fell asleep. I swear, there is no grudge or frustration over this incident. Everything happened as it should, I'm just surprised there were all the unpleasant bathroom references.

Then I wake, for real, to see a message to make sure it got done today. Check. But still, just odd.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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