Sunday, October 4, 2015

Like The Sands Of An Hourglass

5:34 p.m. Three days have passed since I wrote. I've been Secondlife creating as usual, sometimes it's more frustrating than others considering TWO of my works have a glitch that changes the texture and I may have to redo the whole yeah that made me kinda sad.

I'll share what it is when the product is fixed and released. Meanwhile, here are the latest:

C* Princess Diamond

I just realized...I am putting out more products in a few days than I thought... O.O

*C Twisted Vintage Couch

So that begs the question..why am I so bummed that I can't release two new products when I've been pumping out all this so fast. Oh my...God. In no way does it only feel like this has been three days.

 C* 1980's Dress

Just wow...I'm feeling better and amazed already. Although there are more issues to discuss, I will get there later.

By the way, I incorporated one of my drawings into this piece so I'm REALLY happy with it. Plus, dressmaker mannequin! Woot!

C* Fashionista Drawing Board 12 LI

The texture was free from Secondlife on this dress and I played with it a bit and it just blows me away. I made it early this morning, before finally going to bed, and uploaded it a few hours ago.

 C* Alien Matter Dress

So....yeah. I guess if I feel like I'm in any way not getting things done, the evidence begs to differ. Now, onto the list of my other legitimate problems.

1. My old bad hygiene habits have returned. It's a hard pill to swallow to admit it but it's unfortunately true.
2. April is frustrated, not at me, but it's one of those things where when someone is not happy the bad energy puts a dark cloud over the room so I kinda had to scatter away.
3. I haven't been keeping up with my chores the way I should've.
4. I feel like in a lot of ways I've fallen into idolatry and what's more that I'm lacking the effort to pull myself out of it.
5. Still having thoughts of my mortality and the abruptness of life, more in a positive way. I would never take my life, so don't get that idea. Just with the loss of life from loved ones this year, the thoughts of the fragility of life have really been getting in my head.
Random shot of our shoe pile by the door. lol.
6. It's about time to start making visits with my family again. I do miss them. :) Dad invited me over for thanksgiving. Also I've been checking my Facebook a bit less than usual.
7. I've gotten back into the habit of sleeping most of the day and then staying up until past sunrise...mostly on Secondlife or now and then Flight Rising.

And in other news..

Cats looking in three different directions. Love it.
April's Mom requested a Christmas list of me and it took some thought. I want:

This Fabulous Century series: 1910-1920, 1900-1910, and 1860-1900.

I once tried to order them but it was during a time, little did I know then, when they had just stopped delivering things to our mailbox and returning them to the sender. :/ That was unfortunate. April read the 1920-1930 book with me, taking a political and social standpoint on most of it while in other ways noticing things that were active then that are still active today....also pointing out the body language of some people in the photos, lol.

I suppose that's all for now. I feel a lot better now that I let this stuff out. Again, I say I look forward to November 15 because after five long strange years I can finally answer those questions my past self asked me. Cannot wait. I just hope it's a long letter, lol.

2:39 a.m. It's late. I made a new Secondlife Creation earlier tonight and am now ready to share the other two items I talked about in the beginning. I also spent a little, 51L, and got a bunch of new meshes for futre projects. First, tonight's fun item:

C* Gary The Immortal Haunted Llama

The inscription reads:
"Hundreds of years ago, a brave explorer found this strange object in a forgotten tomb. Upon placing it on his mantle, he soon discovered that the town was spooked by the sight of a ghostly llama who terrorized anyone who crossed their fields.
Terrified of the sight, he got rid of it. The artifact wasn't discovered again until Halloween by a shopkeeper, eager for such a pleasing decoration. That night, the llama returned, sending fear into the eyes of his competitors with his sparkling glare.
Now, on Halloween night, anyone who possesses this treasure shall run the risk of unleashing this llama, later named Gary by his beloved previous owner, upon the world!

Then there's these two items, which hopefully have no more glitches.

 C* Miss Hippy - Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Fitmesh.
C* Tuty - Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Fitmesh.

See? My glitch was that the textures on these outfits would swap and she'd suddenly be wearing shorts from one outfit and the top from another. -shake my head- Hopefully it's fine now because I like these too much to not have them in my store.

SPEAKING of store, I'm STILL thinking of making a store blog. Thing is I already do it on my main blog HERE and it's convenient because I can add it to my printed journal as well. Still deciding. I want to see if it can do any sort of promoting and whatnot, you know? :D

I rarely link my store I noticed so if you readers are curious:

Click here.

One way ticket to all my creations.

Anyway, it's late as usual and I'm done writing. God bless as always, Jesus loves, lives, saves. NIGHT!

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