Friday, October 9, 2015

Let's Get This Done!

6:41 p.m. Hi again!! Not much to report besides a heavy amount of sleep, Secondlife creating, and hanging out with April whenever she gets back from her Moms at night. I will say we've yet to go grocery shopping as we should have by now, but God has a plan. On the plus side, I have food stamps.

I'm not kidding when I said I've been creating a lot the past few days. Let's go down the list in order.

Earlier this week, I made a sweater which I was really proud of:
C* Fall Cutie Sweater and Hat

And after Rob gave me Lindens for a BEAUTIFUL texture, I made this dress, which I love though it had no sales yet:
C* Betty Dress

I have, since last night, started cracking on my list of Pinterest inspirations for new projects and first off, I made this...which also came out the best it could have:

C* Melting Makeup

Followed by this, which April requested and loved:
C* Black Widow Eye Makeup

And these next two were done this afternoon alone before I slept for another five or six hours until this evening. Before then, I had only a few hours of sleep after waking at five a.m. You do the math,

P.S. My new favorite creation. This came out extremely well for me.

C* Ruined Tights .::Weekend Only Promo!::.

This came out very well made for something that usually looks weird on the face. The premise of it was the thing where people normally 'paint' a masquerade mask on and I'm happy with it:
C* Masque Tattoo

And I'm planning more but I wanted the blog first. Harmony is coming by on Monday. Aaliyah's eighth birthday was yesterday. She grows up so fast. I'm giving her my thrift store Barbie, which I was originally going to design clothes for but Jen asked me to be on the lookout for one and I just happened to have it.

April felt I shouldn't as I bought it for a reason but after I insisted on doing it, she said she wanted to get me one to replace it. That's very kind of her.

I was going through  my photos, trying to find this particular baby photo of Aaliyah taken when I was like nineteen, I think, of the night I first saw her.

I've always been such a proud aunt of her. Babysitting may have been a nightmare sometimes but that could never change how much I adore this kid.

Also, meanwhile, I stumbled across an old photo of Jackie R.I.P. as a kid in her grandparents pool. I still miss her quite a lot sometimes, you know?

Even though we only saw each other a few times in the past few years, it doesn't change the fact that there was a time where we shared a room and spent her growing childhood years together.

So yeah, seeing these younger happy photos of her is kinda sad. She was only nineteen, I think, when she passed..making these seem like they are a lot less of a long time ago. Sigh.

Life goes on. Both birthdays and in death. I still don't post photos of her to my Facebook as I don't want to break the hearts of both her still grieving parents. More to say soon, I hope.

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