Monday, October 5, 2015

Late Night Post.

10:39 p.m. Today I went to bed in the morning and woke at 5, played on the computer (where I got a ton of SL freebies) and then April came home and we chatted and whatnot..then SHE got on until she went to bed. :) I've had a decent day. Just chilling in my room alone right now. Still kinda battling a food addiction, among other things, but I'll get there.

I updated my Christmas wishlist a little so it was something more than 90's Barbie's and books; A 'Sia' CD. That's woman's music stirs me up inside and I love it. I would gladly support her rather than illegally downloading the CD. So yeah...

I got more products up on Secondlife as usual. Didn't really make anything new today but finally stuck a new item up there which had been waiting since yesterday. I DID however find new meshes which made me very very pleased. :D Sorry about the lack of updates throughout the night, by the way.

C* Full Perm DEMO BOX

C* Tricky Sweat Pants

I got my computer cleaned out last night and April did tonight. I just got a couple chores done so feeling good about that. Praise and thank God for another day, right?

10:54 p.m. Just remembered that I also, either last night or this morning, made some GIFS I liked. Don't have them on my'll be a surprise.


Also, DRAKE is learning to walk! A bit late in the game but it's exciting. I saw the video. The poor bae is crying like, "I dun wanna!" and then runs into his Mommy's arms. The cutest thing.

OH!!! And Disney. Oh my God, Disney raised it's prices to a 1000 bucks a ticket. My Mom considers it justified as its four parks for a full year but as a poor person I'm staunchly disappointed. Not only that, as patterned in the past, even with a pass we would only end up going a few times a year.

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