Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm Surprised.

9:57 a.m. First of all, Jackie's 20th birthday was yesterday. May she forever rest in peace. I was Secondlife creating once again the past few days so let's get it out of the way before continuing:

EDIT: Sometimes I forget exactly how much I really did in the past few days. Oi.


Gold glitter exploded on her face, folks.

C* Gold Bomb Face Makeup

Meanwhile, this was just another one I saw on Pinterest that needed to be made. Adorable!!

C* Chic Eyeliner

Rob gave me Ls after I caved in and spent 300Ls on a texture to make some amazing clothes. See how pretty they are?! I used it for all it's worth:

C* Nevermore Emerald

C* Nevermore Night

Something for the guys....this one reminds me of Crowley from Supernatural.

C* Ravencourt Nevermore

After this, I took on a few smaller halloween projects:

C* Gothic Pumpkin - LI 3

Except this one was kinda tough, but the next one, a candle, that was easy.

C* Cuddle Knit Hoodie

C* Cuddle Knit Hoodie

C* Gothic Candle .::Promo Price::.

I didn't really make anything after those two yesterday. Rob's computer, aged as it is, crashed, and he spent all day fixing it while I slept the whole day. Other than that, I've been hanging out with April while she's home at nights (and recovered from a stomach flu) Praise the Lord!

My Mom is on a much needed cruise to the Bahamas with her girlfriends, so I'm happy for her. Things have certainly been okay. Still can't believe my letter to myself from five years is next month. I'm wondering if I can dedicate myself to another letter to my 'five years from now' self. I wonder...

Speaking of dedication, I talked to April about my blogging and she isn't surprised by my lack of it. I've been blogging for around 6 plus years straight now and pushing myself and it's bound to get slow. I just don't want to give it up, it's just slowing down.

I haven't updated my physical book journal in a LONG while like I should. Among other goals I'm missing out on:

1. Improved hygiene. My diary, leave me alone.
2. Fitness.
3. Reading more books.
4. Chores.
5. The relationship with Jesus thing.
6. Writing my book.
7. Drinking more water.

Family time is a slight improvement if you count Harmony dropping by. :) Oi. Sometimes I just don't know what do with myself.

I mean, I'm being an artist by doing the SL projects but I mostly play on it all day. Barely play Flight Rising much..not that it matters.

I haven't drawn a physical artwork in months though not missing what it did to me to try. Soooooooo....yeah. -_- Anyway, we all know God has a there's that hope. Jesus rejoices.

Hey, if you are reading this, ask God to send me money to buy some gifts for Christmas this year? I'd appreciate it. Thanks. I have only a few dollars to my name and a lot of giving I'd like to do. In Jesus name, amen!

P.S. Listening to 'Salted Wound' over and over and over again the past few days.

2:39 a.m. Aside from some Burn Notice, the entire day was a couple long naps with some pasta Rob made on the side. Starting when I moved to April's room after Donny knocked in the afternoon, as I imagined he would, and then being woken around 8 p.m. when April came home, then staying up a little and going back to sleep until Midnight. Then I played Secondlife, showered, and here I am.

Not in a creating mood as much today. Besides, it's obvious I've done enough already. Guess I will another day.

2:51 a.m. Also, Why must spiders, in all areas available in the house, make sure they are in the shower directly above your head? WHY?!

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