Monday, October 19, 2015

FINALLY! Something to Talk About!

7:52 p.m. I love sudden life changes. Yesterday I took a long walk and slept. I actually couldnt go to sleep and felt it was one of those days where I just REALLY wanted to go walk I do. I also had an inkling God wanted me in Church on the way, so I went with it.

You see yesterday I took my seven bucks and went to a yard sale and picked up a few things, then to the dollar store. Which, by the way, we have a Dollar Tree and I'm VERY excited about that!! I also got a toy rat for the cats which was amusing to watch them poke and prod...scared April in the dark, though.

THEN I went to Church and immediately after God blessed me. Too bad I didn't jump on it like I should have. I was laying down a little and then got the job offer call from Jen, but didn't want to be away from home so I turned it down. HOWEVER, I can see God is doing this to answer my prayers.

I've been wishing and wishing to go buy a nice pile of gifts for family and friends, and Charity too of course, but I am very very poor. I wasn't sure how it was gonna happen, as it had the past couple years, but God made it so. It's all Him. I give Him the glory, thanks, and praise for it.

And it's not just some thing where its a handout. I get to work for it in a way that gives Him glory. So excited! So ready. I leave tonight and start tomorrow. That means a long Secondlife break but not worried. lol. I do have to pack. I come home on weekends and such.

250 a week, nearly 1000 bucks a month and I NEED to pray I'll be responsible with this money. God is giving this for a good purpose. That means no frivolous spending on myself. I don't know what the future holds. I shouldn't be sitting here plotting how to spend money I don't have yet. That's kinda dangerous.

It'll be alongside my old neighbor Velma, may her wonderful husband rest in peace, who I've know since my childhood. Jen says we'll be cleaning "Rich people's" houses. I'm not sure how long the job lasts but I don't mind it at all. This is a grand opportunity.

Funny thing is April is gone during the weekdays, but comes home at night, and I will be coming home on weekends like she does. Rob might be a bit lonely for a while. :/ This is meant to be.

More to discuss soon. Just wanted to say yesterday was a blessed day. I also got around to reading a couple of my journals, the first one all the way through and just gotta say I was an odd fruit. My furutre self has no clue what my past self was talking about most of the time. lol.

1:54 p.m. I got my stuff packed, had some pizza, and have been watching a lot of Burn Notice. I should read or something. Thinking about reading through the second book in my journal series as it could take a while. Also found this cool blog featuring Dracula's costumes:

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