Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coming Home! Yay!

5:28 a.m. This is it!!! Today is supposed to be the day. I'm praying I don't get let down. i.e. being told that I can't go because the kids wont fit so I must stay and babysit all day and wait then. Granted, I am awake before everyone else but still excited. The phone alarm was going off and even after waking DJ I couldnt figure out why he wasnt turning it off. Turns out it was APRIL'S phone. Someone was playing with it or something and turned two of the snooze alarms on...and it must have been ringing for an hour!

Aaannyyywayyy, like I said, everyone is asleep. I need to get everything together, not to mention inspect it for the usual, as usual, etc.

5:50 a.m. Played a little Solitaire. :) Finally won a game after nearly 20 minutes lol.

6:06 a.m. Laundry is folded and my clothes are packed. :) I like to get this out of the way, right away, so that when it comes time for everyone to leave, I'm not holding everyone up. I know I'll need to shower and change before I go but I want to wait until they wake up because they need their sleep. They probably had a late night.

6:29 a.m. Feeling like....I'd only know for sure I'm going home this morning when I am heading into the car...and on the way there. Until then, the worry is set in that there would be a last minute change of plans to leave me here. I'll do what it takes. Only the future will tell if these worries were founded or not, God willing.

Drake is crying, making me wonder how they were strong enough to last over a year with being woken up almost daily with crying. O.O Ooohhhh well. Can only imagine what it would be like when baby number two is born, in either December or January.

I think I had some dream this morning where I had put on a lot of weight and for some reason attributed it to pregnancy. More soon....God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves!!

EDIT: Left sometime around 9 a.m. and was brought home. I then made a long walk and Christmas shopping. Towards the end I was short and the woman behind the counter helped me. :D After coming home, I got some rest and it was the normal routine as usual. I also hung out with Rob and April a bit and caught up very pleasantly on the net. Got to buy the glimmer gene on Flight Rising so I was happy about that. Got some rest, took my meds, and praising God!

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