Thursday, October 1, 2015

AGGGGHHHHHH!! -Shakes Fists-

Nope. Just a whole bunch of nope with a side of nope, topped with NO.

9:38 a.m. It's been a few days. I know I should open with something exciting but it has to be a frustrated post. AGAIN this week, Donny wakes me up persistently knocking. AGAIN Donny oversteps his boundaries just another step further.

First of all, he did a nice thing and fixed my bike tire...Rob told him that wasn't necessary but he insisted on doing it so we allowed it.

I opened the door and tried to gently chide him about not knocking so much as it's been waking me up. HE WOULD NOT LET ME GET A WORD IN because he insisted on saying over and over that he fixed it. I did thank him. I sighed and just tried to get back to bed. Carlo got out so I had to grab him and bring him inside.

I said my goodbyes and closed the door. Donny OPENS the door and keeps talking with determination and I have to get him to let go of the handle so I can close it.

And people wonder why I don't bother answering the door when it's him. I get all worked up because there is usually some problems involved.

I considered it disrespectful but April said its not, it's that Donny has a mental illness. He does not take social cues or listen to them..or instruction...very well. It's his mental state. She did agree this was not acceptable behavior and that we should tell the landlord BUT I'm also sitting here feeling like this is just another time where we excuse an event because we are 'letting Donny be Donny because he can't help it.' Bah, I'm just a ball of frustration.

This is a Christian problem for me as well. As a Christian, I am supposed to pardon this and forgive but I know in my heart I am very guilty of not doing so as I should. When I tell you God is real, He is. Instantly now my heart is lifted because to him I confess my own blame in this matter.

Frustration is melting away. 

Christ died for us and Rose from the Dead, yo.

Moving onto a new subject. :D

The avatar and the display she was in...just before the series of incidents later on.
The past few days I've been playing Secondlife and the other day I got this great Sailor Mars avatar. 

At first I bought it and couldn't see it in my inventory, then many hours later saw I just had to right click and choose an option called 'open' which basically claimed my item from the display.

The problem WAS also I took the store display as well after seeing what could happen if I hit the 'take' button on an object I didn't have ownership permissions of and it took it. I tried to put it back and the item disappeared from my inventory in the attempt (until the next time I re-logged on hours later) and I knew couldn't put it back. It took a couple days and several attempts, but the owner (who I forgot was a recent addition on my friends list XD) finally got back to me and basically said it was not a display, I did the right thing by taking it, and I was relieved.

Now there was just this awkward sign in her shop that says 'I'm an Avatar' with nothing under it anymore. Ha ha!

I've been making myself busy creating on Secondlife as well (that's them below), in between organizing and getting freebies:

Sooo....yeah. Scrubs, Burn Notice, Eating, Sleep. Finished my laundry the other day. Still need to update my journal book but I can do that another time.

Early this morning I made another GIF set, this time from awesome music videos:

Some are cute and some would just make interesting reaction GIFS. :) Byyyyeeee.

P.S. April and I discussed the option of my moving to the living room so we can solve that 'woken by knocking' thing and also the fact that once someone answers, I have to hear long porch conversations. We'll have to move quite a bit of furniture though.

8:07 p.m. So it's been nearly 12 hours. The landlord is gonna talk to Donny and I slept, straight without waking, until the sun was going down. Goes to show how much sleep I needed. Downside is I will be up until morning.

Carlo finally got to be allowed out. Jelly is back after being fixed and wearing the 'cone of shame' as well call it. She's in Rob's room, clawing at his door as he sleeps. Oi.

Mostly that's all I wanted to say.

8:16 p.m. Just remembered I had a nightmare where someone hacked my Secondlife account and started taking my lindens. I panicked. When I contacted the person, they said it was someone who hacked THEIR account and they returned the lindens, meanwhile I was working on an alternative account to start storing yeah.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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