Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yesterday Went Nicely. ^__^

5:43 pa.m. I've started a new project, a bed, and I couldn't be more excited. lol. This may sound strange but the big lure to buying it was to design it with my own book titles/covers, lol. It's a project...definitely intended to be completed over time.

All the blank parts you see is obviously the unfinished aspect.

It will be a girly-esque bed, targeted to the girly fashionista with 'rich' tastes at a reasonable price. The bed will be 'marble' and I anticipate a sane amount of pink. lol. Coming along though. :D

Yesterday, Rob and I handled the grocery shopping. We came home, had pigs in a blanket, later, a little Vodka, and then we went to bed. We didn't get super drunk just some sippy sips. I also had water before bed. No embarrassing episodes, I promise. We also watched the pilot of Scrubs lol.

I got it in my head to make a group on SL (costs 100L) to promote my shop and perhaps a SL shop blog as well. All in good time. Maybe when I reach another milestone and make enough products. :D I could be designing houses one day, God willing, and have an actual in-world (in game) store in secondlife (as well as the online store I have now) Interesting goals indeed.

P.S. Got that youtube video still in my head. I want that song >.<

4:40 p.m. Almost 12 hours later. Made a new top. ^__^

That, some nap around 2 p.m. where I dreamt of Dr. Cox from Scrubs, and the usual bedtime prayer was the highlight of my day. Maybe also that as soon as I sat in April's computer chair, Garbanzo the kitten snagged my lap. P.S. April is at her parents' house for a couple days.

10:26 p.m. Got another one going out soon! Feeling fabulous!

12:54 a.m. Playing SL. Spending Lindens. Bed soon. Jesus saves, yo.

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