Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yay! Next Day Post!

11:08 a.m. Yesterday April and I talked things out, Rob was a bit drunk but at least it made me smile, anywho....we can't help that I'm lonely. I am lonely as we well acknowledged. But we are still spending time together now and then. We watched more brides for a couple hours today.

Today, we went grocery shopping, can't believe it's already Thursday, and we have so much now that the fridge, freezer, and ALL our cabinets are FULL!!!

Also, I made a wonderful men's tee shirt on Secondlife...and Rob gave me Lindens last night and I updated the bed. More pics on that soon, though it is having a little issue mesh-wise but pics later. I was wishing my corset PSD was available to make more versions but alas they are April's computer so they must wait until sometime around the weekend.

C* Skull Wax Shirt

Someone kindly complimented my SL store today and even asked to open an inworld one. I thought it was a kind thought but I'm not ready for an inworld store...need more money, and more products, but I can dream. :D

I thought of making a cow print outfit but it fell through...of all things. I'm playing by ear and have no clue what my next creation will be...God only knows.

I've still been thinking about Jackie. Dreamed of her again. Had a dream where her grandpa Jack passed, and then he was alive again. In another part, Mike, her father, said she was my sister (as if to remind me with a smile) and in a lot of ways she was. So I am still mourning her every day a bit because to me, yes, she was my sister even if we didn't see each other much. Very sad. I  still cling to the last few days I ever saw her and the moments where she walked away because she had to go. Those stick out the most.

I know we'll never have answers as to why she's gone, I just have to accept that she is and pray to God I see her again someday. I just pray she's happy where she is now.

I get the feeling that enough years will go on and I will forget the sound of her voice.

I have a habit of thinking of my own mortality in car rides now...which is odd but true.

That's all. Just thought I'd pop a post out before bed instead of waiting for tomorrow.

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