Thursday, September 17, 2015

Took A Day Off, Now Back.

8:02 p.m. I heavily resisted designing yesterday and slept on and off. Oh! And made pasta, then chocolate brownies last night. Not muuch more to note than that about yesterday.

TODAY, our handyman came by and asked Rob to fix his virus-infected computer. He eventually had to leave but after hours of toil (during most of which I napped and can say more about later) he got it done.

Also, when we told him about how the 1200 watt microwave has knocked the power out a few times (we have old wiring) he suggested we try it in a few different outlets, then give him a call if it keeps occurring.

Today I also put out another SL product! I would have done a second one but after trying, I wasn't feeling it...I'll get there. I'm back to an 'off' sleep schedule lately.

 C* Skully Gloves

I JUST disabled my OkCupid account. The dude was a real sweetheart but like I said, I stopped making time for a relationship and gradually we just stopped talking to each other. At least it was a peaceful ending. Hopefully no hard feelings on either side, ya know?

Anyway! During this dream, I thought it was real, I got a virus on the laptop by sleepily clicking a supposed 'prize' link from the SL CEO and then I panicked. I had Rob help and was emotional. Jen was suddenly there beyond my previous notice (this should have cued me that this was a dream) and talking about this real life club that needed Rob for a deejaying job on their new club on Secondlife. I think there was talk about kittens...not so much talk..she played with the kittens. That's all I recall.

My cat photo of the day. :) Jelly (dipping her head) and Garbanzo aka Banzo, our beloved bean. lol.
April is up, Rob is asleep, I took a Secondlife break then checked Facebook and now I've updated. We skipped grocery shopping as I was tired, Rob was barely able to stay awake and at the time April was asleep. We'll be fine for tonight. ;)

9:27 p.m. Got some stocks and photographs edited. Feeling peachy keen.

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