Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things Looking Up.

C* Candy Coated Glasses

Coming Soon - p.m. Lately, I've been sleeping on and off throughout the day and night. I have, however, been putting out more SL products which makes me VERY excited! I did the one above YESTERDAY. ^__^ Very very cute.

The one below was done this morning, the reference being given surprisingly speedily from google search, among other hopeful future projects. :D I do love making Jersey Knit clothes, lol.

 C* Love  Her Sweater

Gyazo - c4ca8092f81b6094745602532df29839.gifThis next one is the most recent, a result of that itch I get sometimes to just make something ELSE. It was not intended to be silk, at first, but then I saw my 'too bright' highlighting made it look like I went with it. Completely adorable!

This makes number 80 out of my goal to have 200 unique products on Secondlife. :D hey, I'm even excited just to be getting close to 100 and God only knows how much I'll improve on THIS if I stick with it. Still planning on getting around to making the store blog..just don't know when yet.

C* Aloha Silk
Gyazo - 0a561efec354bb48ce259c3f5897800e.gif 3:30 p.m. Mema offered me a wig. :) Wouldn't mind it. I don't know what it looks like but I have to imagine it's short hair as I don't recall if ever in my life I've seen her have long hair. We'll see. Jesus has a plan!

Also, today I finally am washing and drying the cushion covers (the ones to the cushions Donny has been sleeping on) so I can finally get them IN THE HOUSE annnnddd I found another big cushion today which is now all set up on the futon.

I felt somewhat motivated when April called me out on my hoarding and said we barely used the futon since we got it [when talking about me bringing in more furniture] aside that the cats use it. So hopefully, this will change the fact. Jesus rejoices.She is right though, I have to know when to stop bringing in furniture.

By the way, the outfits look WAY better in SL than they appear in these low quality GIFS. Nonethelss, these things keep hynotizing me. That is all for now. Bye! 

8:16 p.m. I played on SL, mostly freebie hunts. Also, Flight Rising now and then.and  got those cushion covers washed.  NOW, also with April's help in straightening it up, the couch looks like an actual couch to LAY on, rather than sitting one one cushion. XD Yes, that's how it was.

Today there was also the usual Netflix. I've been neglecting to mention that I restarted Burn Notice this past week and am still watching Scrubs. April is making pizza and a little by little I'm controlling my eating habits.

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