Monday, September 21, 2015

Pro Life Rant - Post Diary.

8:41 p.m. Yesterday's highlight was a lot of internet play and Netflix and I finally got around to working on my journal. Today, I downloaded some music and played Secondlife.

The hashtag #shoutyourabortion going viral now saddens me deeply. In my honest opinion, this is not a religous issue this is an issue period.

Most pro-abortion people seem to have similar arguments:
1. Life was better off without the 'burden' of a child.
2. It's not a living being.
3. If, they agree it is a living being, they argue that death is better suited for them than the risk of poverty, encountering evil people, or a orphanage.

Can anyone of you say "This is what my life will be like with a child" or "this is what their life will be if I allow them to be born" and be 100% absolutely and completely right?

And I'm probably missing a lot more.

I'm not gonna stand outside your abortion clinic, if I could ever bring myself to go near one in the first place, and shout "Murderer" in your face or wave a picture of a dead fetus in the air. Morbid, I know. But people are doing that and it's not right either.

The first, main, and only reason that I do not, nor ever, will be pro-abortion, whatever the argument is that I believe a fetus is a living being. It is a group of cells at the first stage, as anyone in anatomy class would have been taught.

Cells: The Building Blocks of Life! The Cell Theory states that all living things are made of cells, which are the basic units of life, and that cells come from other cells.

You don't need a religion to tell you that.

News flash: I do not care about the 'right to abortion' rights which is a man-made institution to begin with. I care about whether the fetus, which I consider living, lives or dies.  I will agree that to each their own choice and they will live with the results of that choice. Such as fits the case that if a woman is told she would die if she gives birth, she has the choice to consider if she loves a child enough to want it to live.

Typically a good parent loves a child more than themselves, just saying.

Personally, I cannot speak for any of you reading this. This is my belief system.

I could not take a life to spare my own. That's just not who I am. I would feel selfish, personally.

At the same time, I can't help but have a broken heart over those shouting to the skies because they took the life of another. Death is not a rejoicing moment. It's just not appropriate.
I am kinda having this voice in the back of my head. All the horrible names people want to call me in their minds because they disagree. I forgive you. I'm just gonna plant my feet and be immovable on this position.

I'm trying to be careful enough of my words because I hate to offend people. I know to have people against you, who will fight you or wish you harm, because they think differently than you is inevitable. They want to shout in your face, be scathing and angry, and pound their faces at you. So I hope you'll come to a nicer level, breathe, and move on.

Oh, and please stop lumping all of us pro-lifers in one boat. Because not only am I against abortion, I am against:
1. Death penalty, in every and all cases.
2. Assisted suicide or labeled 'Right to die.'

3. Guns.

All lives are precious. Black, white, mixed, any race, nationality, gender, even LGBTQ (for those who also assume all pro lifers want you dead or think you were better off being aborted, we most certainly all do NOT.)

I am pro-birth, too. Happily admitted. Because if you wish to wage whether a child should die vs. what you assume their life could be (because in no situation in life do you know the outcome, poverty or not), and choose death, well...I do not agree.

I refuse also to determine whether someone's life is worthy of being allowed to go on, by my own judgement, based on the actions they have committed in their life.

God have mercy on me, and all, our souls. The end.

Also, I just found out my brother is having a baby girl. Praise the Lord!!
Pro Life For Life.

1:12 a.m. Just got a few hours of sleep. woke up, and already have a cat in my lap.

2:17 a.m. Ate and watched Scrubs. I JUST remembered I made a bunch on GIFS last night, mostly clips from my favorite streaming stuff I normally rewind over and over....some of which is not already in GIF form on the internet that I've seen. Some will make great reactions GIFs one day.

If by VERY odd and rare occurence you stumble across this page which does not get viral, much, to my knowledge, and your video has been used to make the GIF (or you made the Emma Watson ones below.) I shall take it down at your request.

Though now I cannot describe the joy i take in seeing them all in one post, rather than having to view individually on a computer. :D

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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