Monday, September 28, 2015

Four Days and Little News.

12:50 a.m. As usual, I've been at my Secondlife projects. :D Still think of Gina...still think of Jackie..still having random moments where I contemplate the abruptness of life and the seemingly innocuous things we'll leave behind that love ones will cling to...including something as small as a Facebook post.

At least so far I have lived long enough to still maybe get to read that letter I wrote to my future self (of 2015) five years ago. I get to read it on November 15, 2015. My own literary time capsule. So much change...'s the new batch of creations so far these past few days. (I said four earlier, but that includes today which is past Midnight.)

The other night I was feeling good because I won 160 Lindens in a costume contest for a Zombie little girl in a 'school uniform' and  (after a 25L tip to the DJ) I played a gacha machine for 150L  to attempt to win a larger amount in the form of a gift card from a store, but got one worth 50L less than what I paid. To top it off, what I could buy with it, I didn't really want. I ended up buying something and then trashing it.

To feel better and get over it, I made this top below. It cheered me up a little. But God and time really did the healing later on. I eventually made the lindens back and then some. Praise God. So yeah! This:

C* Midas Tube Top .::Freebie::.

This was a beauty, a dream, and a favorite:

C* Nightfall Starshine Gown

The slogan, praise God, came to me and I went with it. Although I kinda wish it said 'On Halloween or This Halloween' instead by now, as it sounds better. Oh well. I did sell a couple of them. :D
C* Halloween Novelty Mug

and tonight I made this, finally something for MALE avatars, lol. The silver lining on the edges was April's suggestion and it's probably my favorite part of the whole thing! The red was by accident but I left it because it somehow made it look more interesting.

C* Blood Silver Trench Coat

I FINALLY got around to making my bed, including adding April's foam padding she didn't want anymore, as I feel like I've been pushing myself to do it for a couple weeks now. Sleeping in a 'made' bed is better.

April came back for the day. We recently visited with her at her Mom's when we went grocery shopping but anyway, we wound up getting into a slight tiff over the fact that she tends to push me away in favor of her pagan religion. -_- I can't even go into that. How on earth do you describe the struggles of a relationship between a pagan and a Christian? Bleh. Not going there.

We eventually sorted things out and chilled, then I went off and made the jacket above while she got some much needed rest. She's been working so hard and under a lot of stress taking care of her Mom lately, she didn't need any more hassle from me, in my opinion. She goes back tomorrow but she will be missed.

Garbanzo, above, has been chilling a lot in my lap this week and head rubbing and just being an all around lovable cat...yes, cat and no longer much of a kitten. Meanwhile, Jelly is in heat and quarantined in April's room until it passes, and the other cats are their normal selves, I guess. :)

I've been having dreams but I can't remember any of them. Trying to get my hygiene under control. Running out of news. Need to read more often what happened to Summer reading? Hahaha. Good night. Jesus loves, lives, saves. I leave you with this. It says one year ago but the incident below, aside from the comments, occurred five years ago when I wanted stamps to write Jonathan Rhys Meyers, ha ah ha. I did eventually get them. Names are blurred to respect my family's privacy:

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