Monday, September 14, 2015

Daily Life. Life.

12:53 p.m. Prayers for my toddler niece, who suffered another seizure while eating a blueberry muffin..and she wasn't breathing. She was rushed to the emergency room and seen (they think she has a virus triggering these seizures) but she is at home now, praise God, and being cared for.

Gyazo - f3fe729a8745b7a770c26c5caac2f79c.gifI slept a lot and therefore had a lot of dreams, good and bad. I dreamt about the incident with my niece, I dreamt about Jackie again, (though it was pleasant) and there was another where I toured a mansion but I don't remember much of any of these.

I've played Secondlife again and Flight Rising. Didn't go to bed until late last night. Not much else of note.

That's me playing it today. It's a 'carnival ride.' XD:


I finally got that picture of Donny sleeping (albeit anonymously in the photo) on the cushions in our garage, for a previous post, to illustrate the point. The yard is still not private but no sense in ranting on that in every entry.

I uploaded stock photos taken last week to my netbook so I hope to do something with those soon. I don't know. I just foresee a lot of sleeping least that's my time where I talk to God and not so distracted by the net. I can put a goal list together later. Just drowsy for now. Oi Vey.

3:37 p.m. Almost suprising that I didn't wait until dark to update. After some more time on the computer, I took a break and sat outside with the cats...eventually taking more stock photos and pictures OF the cats. :D Then more computer time and organizing folders on SL and whatnot...the usual unimportant things.

I neglected to mention Jen thought about having Harmony over but she changed her mind.

Anywho, expect more photography to little my blog. And yes, to my future self, that means you have to add them to the journal rather than the simple copy//text thing. :D Have fun! I, need a nap.
In my opinion, the blur of this photo improves the beauty, rather than hindering it. I think it has to do with the stretching

kitten vs the more relaxed one. Speaks to me and is rather wonderful. Just my two cents.

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