Saturday, August 29, 2015

Starting Again...

7:02 a.m. I went to sleep at a normal hour, finally. Woke up around 4 a.m. though. Still I got my sleep. Had some weird dream we went grocery shopping and I was daydreaming so deep that people were passing me in this long line. Then I went outside to meet up with April, Rob, and Rick.

April stops at this beat up truck and looks inside, and counts about three dollars in change on the dash. Then she heads back inside for something and that's all I recall.

As for my morning,  the past three hours I had a couple slices of pizza and played Flight Rising, which I desperately needed to take a break from. I also showered.

April may or may not be going to her Mom's today but if she is there are a couple things I can finally get done:

Today is one of those days where I made a goal list, so brace yourself:

1. Get all the familiars for my dragons on Flight Rising.
2. Get started on creating those SecondLife shorts.
3. Finish the SecondLife Halloween Bag.
4. Update Journal.
5. Transfer music from mp3 to Audacity for editing.
6. Go on another music mashup hunt. ^^
7. Read my Bible.
8. Add music to mp3 player.
9. Back up my latest chapter of Shondra's Law, possibly edit it.

P.S. My hair is coming back quick, so that's a plus. I may have been a bit hasty in shaving it since my self esteem can't handle showing the abnormal side in public yet but no biggie. At least I did it. :D Been thinking of it for a while, anyway. Oh! And I want to post pictures from the storm yesterday as well. ^^

4:03 p.m. Today I played Flight Rising and slept around Noon. I no longer have a cord that read my mp3 player for some reason, though it charges, but Rob lent me his to get new songs on there.

6:00 p.m. With enough searching, I found my perfect cord. ^^ Been downloading new music till it bores me, lol.

6:57 p.m. Updated my journal up to the entry before this one since this one isn't finished. Current mood: pleased. :D Praise and thank Jesus! Goals getting mostly done today.

7:06 p.m. Did some very, very minor editing of Shondra's Law and backed it up on the private blog where it is. If only I was in the mood to SL design, I could complete the whole list. My stuff didn't sell much today. But no worries. Still saving. P.S. Jesus saves! See what I did there? :)

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