Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Newsy News

1:39 p.m. I went to bed by 3 p.m. yesterday, woke up around Midnight from some nightmare where someone burned my journals >.< Stayed up and played on Secondlife, Scrubs, and Flight Rising until nearly 9 a.m. then napped, woke up at around Noon. I made shells macaroni, hot dogs, and Checkers fries and just finished eating.

I wrote down a goal list of things to do with my life today, (With my new composition notebook, yay back to school season. Thank God) writing this blog being one of them. I suppose a hard copy wouldn't hurt. Already scratched off a couple today.

  1. Clean my room.
  2. Make my bed.
  3. Take a walk. [Postponed]
  4. Read.
  5. Read my Bible.
  6. Fold my laundry.
  7. Make a Splatter Dress for SL.
  8. Message OkCupid guy.

Longer term:
  1. Make 2500L, send to Paypal, then bank. Thank God for it when I do.
  2. Complete list of 'Projects' on SL Notecard.
  3. Map an unmapped mesh (3D) item.
  4. Finish SL trick or treat bag by October 31.
  5. Continue wriitng my book.
THAT is the list, though it looks longer on paper, lol. I'm just wondering how many I will actually be motivated to do, you know? Pray for me in Jesus name, amen! God does above all we ask or think! P.S. Been thinking about those Eh Bee Family vines...LOVE them!!!

2:56 p.m. Got some more things done. Feeling like another nap is needed. Just finished hanging out with April. I forgot how good it felt to cross off goal lists. :) Life improvements are needed.

7:53 p.m. Put on makeup and took some selfies today, as well as panoramas. ^^ Feeling confident.

10:13 p.m. We are going to be doing major furniture moving soon. Me in the living room, April in mine, storage in her soon to be 'old' room. Gonna be interesting. Just when I took pictures, lol. XD
Hung out with the gang and ready to sleep now.

Say goodbye to this being my room....

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