Thursday, August 20, 2015


5:34 p.m. For two days, I've been designing an african american skin on SecondLife, and it is going well. I FINALLY did my laundry which desperately needed doing. We went on a surprise grocery trip today with just April and she was super nice and happy. Good things.

She got me Disney gummies, a 'Frozen' handheld fan, (don't judge me) I got to charge my dead mp3 player in the car, we got all of us some new composition notebooks (Yay college ruled) and awesome groceries because we still had a nice stock of necessities already on hand. I'd say things are looking up. P.S. Had a nice big bowl of popcorn while I was still up early this morning. Playing Flight Rising just a little less than usual.

I discovered a new Viner I liked.

 And also this video:

So yeah...if I write nothihng else tonight just know things are turning up. :D On a random note, contemplated the Christian afterlife today. Life is precious.

My idea of death (like in my last moments) is that I'll see my loved ones, and mavbe some other angels, worshiping Jesus...and in the background there is Metal Opera Gospel playing. It makes me smile to imagine it. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies. Bye!

11:33 p.m. Facebook is not a private place to post things. I went to sleep some time after writing this blog and April woke to ask me about the fact that a member of my family is using my Netflix account (her mother saw it on my Facebook which showed up on April's feed because her Mom uses April's fb) ANYWAY! We changed the password and settled that.

This aside, I certainly cannot write the things on here that I do on Facebook. My family has not been made aware of this blog, though I've been tempted before, and it is therefore my open forum without scrutiny (unlike Facebook.)

I can write something, express myself, without being asked to take it down because someone didn't want it there (this does not apply to a thing where someone doesn't want their name or photo used) I just mean when I discuss life situations. Facebook has gotten me in a little muddy water this year...

I was also thinking this when I was having my thoughts on the abrupt shortness of life earlier today, where I knew that if I was suddenly gone, all my thoughts...even the deepest, darkest, weirdest, most embarrassing ones are going to be left behind. My family may or may not find this blog (although I do have the hard copies of past entries in my journals which would be passed on after my death) still...that JRM obsession which was way out of hand, admittedly, for quite a few years, is in there. Hope they forgive that one.

That's probably the major thing I'd worry about them reading (hence why my livejournal blog is hidden because it is those entries in vivid detail) but While I can keep what I write here secret for a short time, one day it will all spill out in the open. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing to expect yet....for the present it is out of the reach of personal family scrutiny (unlike Facebook.)

2015: In a world where a private life is not as private as you thought or wished...God willing.

Note to those disturbed by the death talk, I have absolutely no intention ever of taking my life or causing self harm. I pray, like anyone else, I go in the most natural way when God is ready for me. Life is happy, I love people, God, myself, and would  very, very, very verryyy gladly go on to live as many years as God is willing to let me have. No. worries. :D

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