Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Haven't Said Much...

1:13 p.m. It's been a few days. I haven't worked much on this 'new book' per se. I've had my share of sleep and computer time, though. Garbanzo, praise God, healed. I made a new dress in Second Life.

Rob and I also visited April's Mom's yesterday about them getting a new computer and she needed his help to do it.

April and I got over yet another fight. -__- This has been our roughest year together, to be honest.

Started when we were leaving the house yesterday and I was having trouble locking up, I said something and instead of helping, she says 'You're gonna have to learn to do this yourself,' and I did...manage on my own. Her tone just sounded annoyed with the idea of helping me.

Then after we were going home, we were having a discussion where I have to get a new copy of my birth certificate. I didn't know the process of doing it, I asked for help, and she said 'You're gonna have to learn to do this yourself,' and I threw my hands in the air about it. Not because I didn't know how, and I didn't, but because I had to hear that 'stupid' phrase again.

I didn't end up telling her this but I know exactly the real reason that phrase annoys me. I have had times in my life where I was lazy and told those same words to Aaliyah, just because I didn't feel like helping her out. I hated being thrown the same phrase I used. With me, it had a stigma alongside it's normal 'well meaning.'

Anyway, we got home and I was SO tired. Donny knocked FOUR times yesterday. That's four times right outside my window and four conversations going on on the porch....right outside my window. I was finally able to crash.

April came in and asked if I was going to get on the birth certificate thing. I told her I really needed it to wait until I got some sleep. She said they would be closed by then and yet I insisted, so she shut the door. Basically went to bed with a rift still going on.

I wound up dreaming of us having this huge argument over abortion and it blowing up with me storming out of the house. When I woke up, April was washing dishes (the times where she is cleaning to cope with frustration) Once again, we hashed it out (in peace and things settled) after explaining ourselves.

April, for her part, is exhausted of Rob and I being so dependent on her wisdom (I do not say wisdom in a facetious or sarcastic manner) but we do lean on her a LOT for help and support. She said she would help me, in the first place, she just thought I wanted to get her to do it FOR me. Not unreasonable.

So long story short, that got cleared up. I made a new dress on SecondLife after that. :D I'm finally doing something because these past few days I have slipped back into Lackadaisy and doing some meaningless things. I also need to do laundry -facepalm- Anyway, more later...

5:26 p.m. Today I made macaroni and hot dogs, ate, got laundry done, brought Mrs. M her mail, hung outside with the cats, and made a cushion cover, by hand, for the new couch. One of many I hope to finish. Although my fabric will be mismatched, lol.

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