Friday, August 28, 2015

Donny Don't Get It...

10:38 a.m. Before I start ranting about my neighbor, then forgiving him, I'm in the mood to celebrate that I finally started sleeping and waking at a normal hour the past couple nights!! Though I tried to work on another SL thing it didn't go as planned. -shrugs-

I got some songs I like from the Eh Bee vines, like the Mozart and Lollipop remixes.

Now the same old story. Donny and his knocking. It's 10 a.m. He knocks and I announced that they were asleep, which they are. Usually that is the end of it but no he says he has to tell me something. I am feeling it's too early. So he keeps knocking, and knocking, and I ignore it.

I get back to editing my Eh Bee tunes.

Then he knocks on my window and tells me to come outside and I say no, he insists. I get out of bed and leave my room and then go sit on the couch and wait until he's gone before coming back.

In normal cultures, if you're knocking and there is no one coming to the door, you come back at a later time. No, not Donny. Never Donny. No. He knocks and knocks with the assumption if he knocks enough, you're gonna give in and answer.

Yes, he's probably mad at me, maybe enough that I will not be able to use his dryer for a while and have to go back to Mom's in the grand scheme of things but come ON!!

I HAVE spoken to him about not knocking repeatedly but he does nods, then does what he wants anyway. This is why April and Rob don't bother because they know it solves nothing. He must learn the hard way that if no one is coming, come back later and if someone is here and does NOT come, then they are not in an outside social mood. (I, for one, am not) Mind you, it is 10 a.m. in the morning. April and Rob ARE sleeping after being up all night. Honestly, this tough lesson may not even work. Donny will just keep doing as Donny pleases.

We've told the land lady this and again, it solved nothing. Nothing we've told him works.

I know I'm being rude and insensitive about this, I am. He's lonely and wants company (because it's clear we are the only ones who give into his need for attention, roomies anyway) but I am not on call and neither are they. If I want company, I will seek it, and on my own will and time. The man cannot force it with persistence then knocking on my bedroom window with demands that I come outside. It's nonsense.

Part of the reason, and it's not his fault, is that a few minutes of talking with him exhausts me. He has a speech problem where it is hard to understand what he is saying, so my brain has to try to interpret and understand at the same time, at the same time I end up pretending I understand just to move the conversation along, and it's tiring. Not only that, when I am trying to conversate with Rob and April, he interrupts them and I, unapologetically, a lot. He craves attention, the poor guy. That is also tiring.

The persistence and the lack of social convention and understanding is tiring. Just....really?

I know there will be a lot more posts like this to come but there should be a lot less. End rant. Well, not so much the end and not so much on the ranting.

For a year now, he's taken to sleeping on our lawn and now he sleeps on the filthy cushions in our driveway (which I was supposed to re-upholster for the futon but changed my mind), which appears even sadder. He does have a home, mind you. But he stays around our yard as if he does not. We've allowed it. We've discussed it. He chose to sleep on the lawn because he, somehow despite wet grass, many ants, and anything else, enjoys it.

Photo taken September 14, 2015
But sleeping on old unwashed cushions that came from the garbage (that we didn't bring in the house with the futon) just seems even sadder and more unusual. I've kinda gone from anger and frustration to pity now. He seems to want to do it and to tell him not to seems pretty rude.

Life around here, in relationship to Donny, is just a complete oddity. It isn't normal, though what in life really is, but we have a nice attention-craving interrupting man who chooses to live with dirt and poverty on our lawn as if homeless, though he is not, because he finds it normal and enjoys it. And we let him without complaining about it....

I don't know anymore...

I am actually glad the curtain fell over the lens, as I was planning to pixelize his face or something anyway. 
11:32 a.m. Donny did come back later, and only knocked once, so that's something. However, I have locked the front porch gate. You know the sad thing is I can't guarantee that if I want to go outside to have some peaceful air ALONE that it will actually happen. No, I got to actually check if the yard is empty, and hope that it is empty, to do that. -_- God forgive me.

12:40 p.m. I stepped outside, hoping to get a private moment alone in the sunshine. I got as far as unlocking the gate, then he started walking towards the house. Like a silly person, I run back inside and prepare to avoid the door because I know what's coming.

Donny just knocked two more times and went to sleep on our lawn. It's a bit silly that I have to make sure I can look outside 'without being seen.' Little do we know, but we've given up the right to privacy on our own front lawn because we don't feel it's useful to say anything.

I'm not saying he's ever hurt anyone by doing it, he's nice and all, but I'd like to be able to sit on the steps and listen my thoughts and the wind in the trees (and that is a habit of mine, not just a figure of speech) without having conversation...and I cannot.

Again, glad for the anonymity of blurriness but this shows that I cannot be alone outside if I choose.
I'm finally documenting in pictures what I've seen almost daily, if not for certain weekly, for the past year that I've lived here. Perhaps this will one day pass and these will serve as a holder to my memories. For now, it's just documenting real life, what I've been saying all along.

1:25 p.m. Prayers for Zuwara and the victims in the sinking. Hundreds of lives lost. God rest their souls in Jesus name, amen! P.S. I made bacon and ramen but that news is not important compared to the prayers needed for the lost ones in this sinking!!

1:34 p.m. This is what a few minutes of privacy looks like... :)

Still not wanting to go out without a hat yet, no less happy.
Animals grazing in the pasture from across a breezy and empty lawn. 

I sound like a cranky old neighbor, let's just get that out of the way, but who doesn't love privacy? P.S. The lock on our porch gate broke. Meaning, if there is to be more knocking today, we will be hearing it. Meanwhile, I need something to do. Oh boy....

3:10 p.m. Hurricane is coming. Yawn. So much for the sunny day. Need to get off the now...

4:17 p.m. So what Donny has been trying to say all day is that the daughter of one of our neighbors passed, though we didn't know her, God rest her soul in Jesus name, Amen! I was busy outside enjoying the incoming storm and I took fun new 'stock' photos and did what I enjoy most, recording the rain on my mp3 recorder. I did this for about 40-50 minutes and then fed the cats. Better than the internet by far....

4:54 p.m. Ready to recolor an old photo of Alice Roosevelt, meanwhile listening to my rain recordings. also, looked up all those quotes I knew Marilyn Monroe never really said. I'm an odd fruit, that you can quote me on.

5:43 p.m. Rain stopped. Finished!!! Coloring a photo makes previously unnoticed minor details stand out a bit, and makes history look more alive. I wrote this already but I accidentally hit backspace and lost my work >.<

10:29 p.m. We went grocery shopping tonight. I got dehydrated as usual but I was fine later. :) Feeling super sleepy and post-sleep I want a shower. So many dragons randomly adopted on Flight Rising today that it's laughable lol.

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