A Daily Diary: Anything But Blogging?


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anything But Blogging?

12:28 a.m. When you have been writing daily, if not weekly, about your daily activities since 2010 (meaning I can find out what I had breakfast and what time on some day in 2011)..It's easy to see why it can suddenly be harder to want to keep up a journal.

I made pasta and chicken alfredo last night. We can read about that a few years from now, lol.

I've been playing on the computer and eating too much as usual...mainly did that all day yesterday and been sleeping 12 hours a day. 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. My art program has completely destroyed my ability to make a quality texture for my products anymore so that's a let down...especially after buying all those meshes today.

I attempted a Castiel cosplay "Cassplay" for SL and it didn't go so smooth because of it. 

Anyway! I just thought I'd catch up. More tomorrow, God Willing. Nothing eventful today although I did randomly look up Robin Williams' IMDB. P.S. New Jumanji coming out but skeptical because it wouldn't be the same without him.

Forgot to bring Mrs. M her mail. 

Random note: My social life on the internet is nearly gone, aside from Mr. OkCupid date although I think I should say hi more to him.

Three more months and I can read the letter I wrote [in 2010] to future "Me in November 2015" which I have been waiting to respond to and answer her questions about my future for years! Sometimes stuff would happen and I would think, "Yeah, I'd love to mention that to 2010 me lol."

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