Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SL Stuff and a Weird Dream.

10:42 p.m. I slept with a bunch of kittens on the couch at 4-5 a.m. woke at 8 a.m. and stayed up into the afternoon making another SL outfit (I also made templates for future creations from old outfits) and then slept 7-8 more hours.

Just woke up from this weird dream. Just when I thought my dreams of him were over...

I dreamt telling someone I couldn't meet JRM because I would cry, so I had them say hi FOR me. Next thing I remember was moving back to mulberry and I decided to try and find the museum (because I love museums) and walked along a VERY VERY speeding highway.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mara Lane pull up and usher me, and some girls who were walking in the distance behind me, in the car. He started sniffing at me and tried to figure out a 'familiar' scent. I told him it was cinnamon, hoping it wasn't body odor of all things, he accepted it and then he went on about how Mara cooked that stuff in everything.

We arrived at the musueum which looked near deserted and saw a masoleum attached with this passive aggressive epitath above it, which blamed the death of the founder's son for the museum not having it's owner around.

In front of it was the son lying 'in state' and about eight years old. He was mummified but also covered in a 'cement' old. There were some homemade dolls in the same mummified look (more like sock monkey-types, not the girly creepy dolls.)

Then we ran into this woman who was giving out pirated DVD's and I, shamefully, accepted. Then Jonny says I will pay you for all of them (only to do the right thing and prevent her from giving out these pirated movies, some of which were Robin Williams' films.) She agreed and gave him the DVD's.

I tried to hand mine to him but she took them back. I showed her my old mix CD's and asked her what she thought was a fair price. She said, 'Fifty bucks.' Of course, I agreed. I almost took back the one's with my name on it but changed my mind.

There was some woman involved in this transaction, I forget how, but I caught her going through my purse. My wallet was empty so there was nothing for her to steal. Somehow, though, she turned it around on me and I was the one apologizing, then she refused to accept the apology!

That is all I remember. Dinner now. April cooked chicken, fries, and make. I got grape soda. YOLO!

10:59 p.m. I meant to say this yesterday BUT: This takes me back to my childhood. Have not seen this thing in forever. When I was a kid, when we drove past it (which was VERY often) I would picture myself going inside like there was a winding castle staircase in there or something.

EDIT: THERE IS a winding staircase I learned tonight. Still, this tower has a special spot in my heart.

11:32 p.m. Excited because I just had two positive reviews on my products. I always get nervous when I get a review alert because there is always that chance that the news is not good BUT it thrills me when it turns out to be great news! SO happy and ready to keep up the hard work.

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