Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Overview: July 6-7, 2015

Pictures to come.

We've been:
Making a princess dress for Aaliyah...still.
She visited Mrs. M recently and got free ice cream there, and asked about her garden. She was very inquisitive but enjoyable company to the elderly woman. A delight in her 'princess' dress which seemed more vintage to me.

She has also met, and enjoys, Donny, the man who sleeps on our lawn some afternoons and checks/delivers everyone's mail...also a frequent frequent frequennttttttt knocker on our door.

Lots of crafts such as glittering pine cones, 'nature bottles', and her sketchbook. She used up all my glitter and glue, lemme tell ya.

We took our last LONG walk to the park. It wore her out to much, as much as she'd want to go back. Also, the other day, a random VERY smiley Asian woman approached and hugged us both there, and gave her a kids book on dogs and brochures about zoos and parks.

She slept in this morning, which is a rarity. She had a strawberry shake tonight. I had a bath soak, lol.
Been feeling the stress but it passes. Pray for me.

We watch a lot of Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu. (Fresh Off The Boat.) She loves videos of people baking, playing with toys, and play doh. She also loves the song "If I Die Young."

April was supposed to show tonight but didn't.

Still have not updated my journal though I've had much opportunity, even now as she is asleep and I'm getting my alone time. I also finally watched Mommie Dearest tonight, which was not nearly as frightening as the more detailed book. 

Aaliyah does not like the film 'The Others' because it was too dark and hard to see the children's faces, ironically. But we did watch The Emporer's New Groove...she's eager to see the sequel.

Playing SecondLife right now on April's computer.

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