Wednesday, July 15, 2015


11:08 a.m. Yesterday I began my dollhouse, after April encouraged me not to feel so childish about it. I also got started on making a watercolor journal which involves the hard work of book binding...already done just the paper needs to be glues into the book.

This morning was crazy. Donny knocked on our door at the crack of dawn, asking if I wanted a job and rambling about it. I had just woken up from this and I kept saying we need sleep and wanted to tell him not to knock so early but he just kept insistently talking about it and then when I tried to close the door, he GRABBED the door and refused to let me close it until he was finished. I was scared.

Then, I wound up having a nightmare where I woke up to Donny coming in my room, in my face, waking me up to talk about things and then finding out it was because we now let him come in the house whenever he wanted, just because he wanted to.

We let Donny take a few liberties. We let him rest on our grass and knock whenever he wants or sit on the porch. But, for him to feel entitled to grab the door, with him thinking nothing of it, and keep me from closing goes a bit too far, let alone flat out scary. I called Judy, who said he is out of his head since he lost his dog, but someone has to talk to him.

April and Rob seem reluctant to do it because there is a rumor that if Donny is mad at you, he will take your mail from your mailbox and throw it away, reportedly having done this before. Yes, he checks everyone's mail and brings it to them. It's a nice gesture, but some have asked him to stop and he still does it....then gave up asking and just let it go.

3:38 p.m. Four hours and I'm still thinking of that incident this morning. All I'm wanting is for someone to confront him about this, not me, since I can't understand him.

Anyway, I finished my handmade watercolor book and praising God, it came out well. Wasn't easy. Lost my glue gun and then found it hiding on my bookshelf, THEN lost the glue STICKS to it...several times...but other than that it was mostly uneventful....and happy. I was thinking of that incident though...

Anyway..again. I sat outside and had some hot dogs. Feels like it's gonna rain so it was nice. I've also been feeling really drowsy today. And there are so many projects I could be doing like finishing my sketch, finishing the doll house, cutting doll house parts, doing watercolors, making SL clothes but it seems like I don't want to do any of those things. I do..but I don't. So many projects...Oi. Well, finished the handmade book was something. Perhaps this should all be taken a day at a time.

4:26 p.m. April is in kind of a mood. She just woke up and her computer is running slow. Waiting for things to settle down into 'being okay.'

EDIT: She eventually felt better. Some time after, I played SecondLife with her, ALL day and night. Oi.

Sometimes when I've had a bad day or just haven't gotten things right, I repeat to myself the words "God still loves me no matter what" and it makes the most amazing feeling, instantaneously, that nothing else on this earth can replicate. How can people say God is not real when this kind of thing happens? Science isn't going to explain this away. It is pure, genuine, REALITY. I challenge any one of you to try saying it a few times, just a few seconds, even in your head, and see if you feel it too. God is real.
Jesus died, rose, and saves. smile emoticon But we all know that. ^^

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