Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Slept In and Dreamt A Lot

2:06 p.m. I slept until 1:42 p.m. I had a dream where I went with a large group on a trip to the bahamas and stuff happened, then we left, and forgot one passenger, african american woman weighing around 230 pounds, (mentioning because it's relevant to what happens next) who was in the doctor's office, healing. People around her told her it happens all the time and she should get used to being there.

It flashes to a year later where she get a reunion with her family. She is dressed like an African 'queen' (term used to mean the power her stylishness, not regency) and about a hundred pounds slimmer because of the wonderful diet in that country. Her sisters are amazed she is home!

In another dream, one of a couple about Aaliyah, I dreamt AGAIN Aaliyah was dropped off here without my being informed beforehand and again, I thought it was real.

In another dream, her and I were shopping and she got caught stealing a necklace. I had to go into the security office with her and since she was just a child, they decided to be lenient with her and not jail/fine her. I can't remember what they decided to do but I pleaded for me to take her punishment instead and they said they legally couldn't do that.

I went to the jewelry store to ask which necklace had been stolen and I was shown it, being told it was a common model with varieties in slight difference. A simple chain with a small green gem on the pendant. Suddenly, the entire store crowded around me and wanted to buy this necklace, and so we did.

In another part of the dream, I was walking around this outdoor mall, thinking of how much I've done in the dream and how long it's been, then said to myself 'all that's left now is to run into Jonathan Rhys Meyers.' And then, he shows up out of nowhere, walking in my direction. lol.

Not only that, since I fell out of obsession a while back, my brain has started to distort some of his real life in the sense that it tries SO hard to get what his features look like today that it distorts him almost into someone else (facially) still has the same spiky black hair. AND his accent was wrong, again.

Anyway, I got a picture with him and then a second version f him shows up soon after and I do the same.

In another dream, I was in this big house and taking care of Harmony and Zackary. I remember conflicting with him in the dream, but I don't know why.

In ANOTHER dream. this is all in one day mind you, I was going on yet another tropical vacation and had a toddler with me. I went in this large pod that looks like the back of an army supply airplane  i.e. HUGE and sat down. They were treating the toddler special and giving him little gifts, then they were made to remember all the other little kids in the audience.

That's all I got so far. I got up and had hot dogs, surfed social networks, and watched Scrubs. More later...Oi.

3:09 p;m. After looking kinda sad because I couldn't decide on what to do with my day, I decided to get a little work done on a drawing I began and left alone last week. Now I'm not in the mood for it either. :/ Oi. My life. On the plus side, it seems to be coming along alright.

5:16 p.m. Too much Flight Rising. Need a bathroom break, then I need to write. But first, Mrs. M needs here mail....

5:32 I changed  litter boxes. I'm off to April's Moms.

8:50 p.m. Aaliyah is coming for a few hours tomorrow AND we just got back from April's Mom's house. We chatted about SL and had dinner. I played some computer games. All good.

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