Friday, July 31, 2015

Finding Inspiration...and Something Important to Do.

4:24 p.m. Literally just woke up some minutes ago. I slept in, seeking a lot of inspiration lately. Making another SL dress couldn't cut it yesterday so I decided to start a new book. Problem was, I was blank.

I knew I wanted a female POC MC (Person of Color Main Character) but I didn't have a genre, cast, much less a plot. I went online seeking prompts and whatnot and came up short. I wound up staying up until morning on Flight Rising and SecondLife after.

Then I slept in for a good twelve hours. Had interesting dreams, one of which inspired the book I'm about to write. Yes, praise God, it was wonderful. I was the star of an adventure and I don't want to give too much away but I was like this stealthy redneck woman being hunted by two murderers who were tracking me. I end up killing a few guys when I see them after me, (not a happy moment) scaring civilians and I run into my sidekick, a pudgy guy in a Hawaiian shirt, drop him later (and he goes and picks up a cop to find me because he has photographic memory and remembers my license plate number) and so they are looking for me. I'm technically wanted but it's not mentioned here in the dream. It ends where just when I think I lost them, they show up at the same convenience store and I go duck in the bathroom. He touches the stall (it's  not in a separate room and apologizes) I disguise my voice in response in a British accent, then he gets excited and WANTS to talk. When I don't respond, he starts trying to climb over the door and almost succeeds when an employee stops him. Cliffhanger.

My book is gonna be inspired by that. God forgive me. NOW! Everything up to entering the convenience store was the dream, the rest was made up as I was waking up. Ca piche? Sorry if that's not how it's spelled.

Instead of 'winging it' like I did with the Dream Doctor' (also inspired by my dreams) I am going to make an actual story and character map and do all the planning before I write. I think it'll help. Haven't decided what kind of world this needs to be in? Real, fantasy, futuristic, post ap-- post apocalyptic is good. Last few---Dysotopia. Decided. Then we can determine she's actually hunted for a reason (In my dream it started with a group faction between being for or against a Confederate flag but being as this is a POC center character, it can easily offend.) So I'll be changing that to say....Dysotopia....has a new law, creates faction, she's in between and does not obey, gets hunted by some rebel murderers.

Dysotopia's need a lot of planning, not just world and character planning but laws (important), (being Christian, I don't write worlds without God in them. They don't have to be focused on religion, but I do not throw out the existence of God.) There has to be a ruler who started all this. Technology would be advanced in my story but used in a way like, think Burn Notice? (but I don't think he'll care about a petty chase until it is a threat to him.) Need names for modern things but recognizable to the reader.

Lol in the dream, on the way to the store, she throws out one of those 'pay by the minute card' phones and calls it a 'cracker Jack' so I'll be using that. lol. So yeah. I need to go plan more. Jesus saves. I'm out.

6:23 p.m. IT TOOK TWO HOURS BUT I GOT MY STORY AND CHARACTER MAPPED OUT. Check out this Dysotopian plot: After a law dividing the rich and the poor is enacted, Shondra goes on the run from two vigilantes who believe she killed their brother.

The summary is short, sweet, simple, and to the point. Those are normally extremely hard to write. Does it sound attention grabbing, like an interesting read? I think so ^^ God, I hope so. I haven't even written the book yet and writing that summary makes me want to bring it to life.

Now to do a 'face claim'  that is find pictures online and match them to who my characters are. I'm very, very excited about this. :D

7:35 p.m. Another hour, over it really, and I finished my face claims. Cannot post due to copyrights and whatnot on images but they are still in my personal reference. All this planning is necessary before writing, of course. :d Excited!!

8:15  p.m. Since this is private and my diary, I'll post it here, Praying for my brother and his family right now. Everyone will be unnamed but his girlfriend's mother passed, in an unnatural passing, and my heart goes out to their grief right now.

10:42 p.m. Got back from a quick shopping trip. On a random note, my blood sugar is a bit high. April has a diabetes thing (she does not have the disease) we randomly check ourselves with and the cat nicked me, drawing blood, so I tested it. I think it's 122. Drinking water tonight, lol.

Also have a kitten just randomly lying in my lap. Tis great.

1:51 a.m. After supper, at Midnight, said kitten above suddenly had a swollen, red eye leaking clear fluid so we had to rush him to the emergency vet. He got scratched apparently but it was too swollen to tell much more than that so he was given ointment and we just now got home.

In other news, I have a plot and thought it was an interesting idea to make a new blog specifically for outlining plot ideas to be accessed anywhere, so I will do that. :D

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