Monday, June 22, 2015

Well, The Day STARTED Easy....

10:24 a.m. Things have gotten surprisingly easier. I usually don't last this long without crying and losing my mind. Zackary helps. Awesome cousin that he is. I slept in and Aaliyah tried to with me, as long as she could, before she got up at near 10 a.m. which to me so far seems like a feat for her. Zack, or we can call him Z in this post as that's been his nickname also since early childhood, made them cereal and let me have the last night's leftovers which were his.

Actually, I was gonna eat them without telling him and while heating them up, he was coming out of the room so I offered it to him, then he offered it back to me. I passed on messages to him from Uncle Pat and suggested he write to him (my advise, not Uncle Pat's) but Zackary prefers to be more private since officers open the mail.

We already had one incident this morning where Aaliyah refused to drink up the last of her cereal and we got onto her not to be wasteful, but Jen her go, so we did. This is just the start of the morning.

My mind has formed the habit here of plotting excuses to leave early, earlier than the 28th, but for the first time I seem to be dodging them. I told her I would do it, and now with her hurt ankle she'll definitely need me, and also the conversation between April and I before I left rang in my head. She was concerned, grocery wise, that like with one of my trips to mema's where I said I would be gone for ten days and came back sooner, this would be the same and there would be very little healthy food in the house for me. I told her that this was legit and I was going to be gone for ten days, for real this time, so I need to stay honest. Whether I get the book I wanted or not is fine, I know things come up that are more important. I want it but it's not, say, as high on the wishlist as the 'This Fabulous Century' series books: 1870-1900, 1900-1910, and 1910-1920. Top of the top of my book wishlists.

Morever, I'm already here. God has me here for a reason, I may as well be here. All the complaints I could muster about the things around here, (mess, bugs, heat, noise, no net, no cable, tv, etc.) mean nothing anyway. I handle and live among it for a week or so, they LIVE it long after. So no complaints.

Psst. I also had a Pepsi this morning. I think I'm good if I watch my sodium and sugar intake. I think one soda is nearly all the amount of sugar I am supposed to have in a day. I definitely skipped the sodium-clogged ramen today. lol. Will gladly be drinking more water. That is one thing around here, in this heat, we DO drink our water. P.S. Last night, I read my old Neopets fan fiction to Aaliyah and she liked it. Never made it in the Neopian Times before it 'shut down' because it was too short but I held onto it.

I've been tempted to write other fan fictions. Supernatural, Flight ----

10:44 p.m. I just had the hardest stabbing pain in my gut I've ever remembered feeling. I tried to grip the coffee table but I made a run to the bathroom. After sitting, I still had the temptation to grip something from the pain. This may be TMI but it's a diary. Constipation. The result of more than a week of an unhealthy diet. I'm really paying for that yummy food between this and daily near-headaches. I'm gonna re-try my life after I get home. For now I am under circumstance. Out of healthy food and Pepsi is colder than water in a 90-degree un-air conditioned Florida life.

As I was saying before I was 'rudely' interrupted. Fan fictions including Flight Rising (which may cause an attachment to my dragon characters) and I'm sure there's more but nothing...hmmm... Modern Family. That'd be interesting...this pain is creeping up on me and it's nuts. I gotta go. I've said it all. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, died, rose, saved! P.S. Watched a documentary on Peter and Paul (Bible) the other day and learned some interesting things.

1:55 p.m. Grandpa was kind enough to take me, Zack, Harmony, and Skyla to the creek where we played for about an hour or so. It was much more shallow than last time so Harmony had more freedom. She ran straight for the water this time instead of being afraid. The kids took turns, and sometimes argued and whined, for the rope swing. Skyla had the time of her life running through the woods and the
shallow creek. Aaliyah played in the mud. Grandpa watched all of us, out of curiousity, wondering what it is we actually do out there. Then we came home and cleaned up, Skyla had her head out the window most of the way and Harmony got sleepier on the slow drive, sitting in Aaliyah's lap while buckled to her lap. After coming home and being hosed down while Zack showered, the kids had some ramen, and I relaxed...played on my computer in front of a fan. I showed Zack some family photos and videos on the computer and put Harmony down for a nap. We tried to get Metallica Through The Never to work but it skips in sound unless I open it right away on the computer without closing something else, if that makes sense.
Right now there is a family emergency. Mema took a fall and Grandpa and Zack are rushing over there now. Jen is on the phone trying to find out what is going on. I'm here watching the kids. Harmony is still taking a nap, after moaning herself to sleep in protest, and Aaliyah is playing with a defunct phone. Jen is going to visit Mema at the hospital so it's just gonna be me and the kids here for a while. Pray for us all in Jesus name, amen!

Apparently, I'm just hearing Mema was found in the living room, rocking back and forth in the rocking chair saying, "Daddy. Daddy!" She ran out of her medication or something. Keeping you updated as I find out. Papa thinks she fell and hit her head and then this happened. While Jen was talking to the EMT's, she was screaming about some odd things in the background. Hopefully, everything is gonna be okay...

4:29 p.m. After Jen left, Harmony woke up and I taught Aaliyah some basic Wordpad, (she wrote a story and I taught a little grammar) GIMP, and MS Paint. She also played pinball. Then we all played in her room. I took a lot of pictures that I liked. We played outside just now. Could really use a break....have you SEEN all that's happened today?! It's a FULL day!!

5:30 p.m. I'm getting more stressed out by the minute. I thought baing cupcakes with them would help but it somehow compounded the stress. I stole away any minute to be alone I could but it would just not help. I need a full on takeover of the babysitting thing and let me sleep, in ice cold air conditioning, into infinity. I'll be better soon. Six more days of this. Mind you, when I agreed, I was told it would be just Harmony but I got pulled into more. Oi. I'll move on. Six more days...and counting....

8:58 p.m. Aaliyah and I came to a head today but it was smoothed over afterwards. I guess this was the day I nearly cried and indeed, lost my mind, unlike the beginning of my post. Anyway, We had brownies, played games, and chilled. Mom and Jen soon came home and Mom waited for the cube steak to thaw. I played hide and seek with them a long while and then helped make dinner in the blazing heat of the kitchen. Even the tiny little fan didn't help much. I ate my dinner afterwards and asked to be permitted to just shower and go to bed. I was told "of course!" and that I didn't need to watch them when Jen was here
(although I feel a bit obligated on my own part due to her ankle) and I asked because it, clearly, has been a very, very, VERY long hard day and I imagine there are six more of those, and counting down, left. I came in the room, played a round of Fruit Ninja, and then wrote this entry.

Harmony just came in and said "Hi!"
"Hi baby."
"How're you doing?" She giggled. Never heard her ask me that before, especially so clearly, coming from a two year old. It was awesome.

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