Sunday, June 21, 2015

Uncle Pat Visit And Troublesome Fireworks.

6:24 a.m. I had a series of odd dreams which I don't feel much like discussing. I was hoping to visit my Uncle Pat today at the prison BUT Jen sprained her ankle (don't ask how, I don't know) and may need me here to babysit instead. Harmony leapt out of bed after I went the bathroom, calling "Mama! Mama!" lol. So now she's awake this early. I couldn't go back to sleep so now I'm up, too. I just wanted to write this. P.S. The kids and I used the flash light on April's phone to do some really fun shadow puppets, lol.

3:21 p.m. I got a lot to say. I slept a couple more hours before Grandpa and I left. Before leaving the neighborhood, we spotted some scrap metal bed parts but Grandpa was sure they'd be gone by the time we got back. We got there and waited a long while in the hot morning sun before getting in. As usual, there is the one person chatting up the bored people nearby, there are those whispering about who will get turned away for poor dress code, and those getting turned away for poor dress code.

Their rules were a bit strange. Like these two men in white t-shirts with white tanks were approached by an officer and told and turned away, before they were going in to find out, that the shirts must have a graphic and/or a pocket. Other rules of visiting include: Having only one key, a clear bag or purse with your necessary belongings in it, max 50 dollars being carried per person, wear loose fitting pants, no hats, no tight t-shirts and probably more....

Then when you go in, you type an ID number and a hand scan (which was glitchy today) and I had to retake my photo. Grandpa had his paper card, with an ID number in pen, for all ten years. It was a mess and torn all over the edges. Meanwhile, mine was one which was lost and replaced several times.

 Anyway, after finally making it inside, I took off my Cross necklace before heading into the metal detector and got through cleanly. Then there was a pat down which only took a minute. Grandpa predicted all the shady tables by now would be taken, and he was right. After we made it outside in the visiting area, he got the food while I secured a hot table...then greeted Uncle Pat. We took a seat from one table, no shade, to another with barely any more shade.

We were there from around 9 a.m. ish to 2 p.m. and we just chatted...after finding a shady spot with another inmate and his guest (an older woman.) As usual, Uncle Pat offered his advice for my life, which is not bad stuff I'll say. Getting a grant and going back to school, how to get the pizza guy to come to our house (even as far as calling corporate to complain), me learning to drive, me getting a moped, convincing my Mom to let me take a cruise (yes, even that one)

In a random moment, some smaller black birds were ganging up on this poor pigeon in a tree. They'd peck at it and small downy feathers would trickle from the tree. All of them squaking. Finally the brave pigeon took off with a couple birds behind it.

I ate a sausage mcmuffin on the way there (they've seriously lessened how much is on their options on the breakfast dollar menu.) There was a sausage mcmuffin, sausage biscuit, hash brown and one other thing on the dollar menu, that's it. Then at the prison I had a few bottles of water and a small bag of jalepeno cheetos. And a piece of nutty butty. We can say for sure this 'lifestyle change' is officially off.

My favorite screenshot from the fireworks video.
There were periods of long silence where we just ran out of things to discuss. That was okay because it went the same for other inmates as well. (or as far as I knew, the ones we sat outside with, in the shade.)

Uncle Pat told me to try to get Dad to talk to him again (because it had been so long) and that he was peeved at him for various reasons which I will not detail here. Tell Mom to reroute his magazine subscriptions to the new prison address. Also to tell her to make a way for Zackary to visit by getting him a form. He was going to ask me to do something for him online but I honestly told him I am without internet this week and by the time the week comes, there is a chance I will have forgotten.

I also asked intimate questions about what prison life is like. He talked about how tedious he is about keeping his cell clean, needing to have a cell to himself (no smoking, no people hanging out in his room, no room mate) He doesn't want to draw attention to himself, which is a good idea. It is unfortunate that he says he says he'll just end up right back in prison (his sentence ends like near the end of December this year) because he won't be honoring his parole.

He also discussed the lost things, material things like car parts and various expensive high-power tools, thousands of dollars worth, while he was locked up and what he intends to do about that once he gets out. Where he plans to live, what he plans to do, etc. So yeah, it was a lot of chatter.

It was just a 40ish minute normal drive home. My mp3 player died and Grandpa let me use his car charger which worked, after a bit of wiggling. I have big headphones (possibly meant for those 90's computers) that don't get much sound out of my mp3 player, however.

When we were nearly home, the scrap metal was still there so Grandpa loaded it in the trunk. There was a kids playskool easel (broken) and a broken side table, and other things as well, but we didn't pick those up. Just a small tv, dvd/vhs players and sound systems (not speakers) and a metal blue frame to a bed. We were both surprised that by almost 3 p.m. nobody picked it up because there are other scrappers in the neighborhood.

Mom went to Joe's parents and Jen is watching her kids in her room. Mom says her ankle is well enough so it's alright. I laid down in Aaliyah's room, by the air conditioning, several times before having a pizza slice (removing the blackolives) and sitting to write this entry. That is all for now. It's 3:45 p.m. in the BLAZING hot Florida afternoon. Jesus rejoices.

7:25 p.m. I just got up from a much needed, long nap. Mom is home, in her room. Don't know where Joe, Grandpa, or Zack is. Harmony was mysteriously screaming so I gave her some cold milk, (seems to have calmed her down significantly) which she just spilled near where I am sitting on the couch. Aaliyah is somewhere...possibly outside where Zack's friend is blowing off fireworks or something. I'm still tired. I needed a day off and feel like I got pretty much the whole day off now that it's evening, which is nice.

I still have to re-send Jen the link to the book I wanted, though not sure when she'd order it. She said she'd check Books a Million in store to see if they have it. Again, I'll have to find the name of the book because as much as I want it, I forgot the name as well. Besides, getting it may be a while, she injured her ankle after all.

I'm yawning, and possibly stinky, (I'm in desperate need of a shower) and on duty since everyone else mercifully took over for me today. Jesus rejoices.

9:56 p.m. I played with the kids. Then, made a macaroni and hot dogs dinner. After I made some dinner for the kids, we went outside to catch the Father's Day fireworks show going on in our backyard. I shamefully forgot to call Dad today. I know I'll be hearing about it later. Anyway, we tried to get Harmony to participate but it frightened her too much. Aaliyah stuck around a while then went inside once it got too dark. I shot several Instagram videos. :) Aside from the mosquitos (which I wore a jacket for) this was not, by any means, a bad night.

I know I have to be up early in the morning with the kids. Pray for me. I know by the time this hits the web it should be over with but this may as well be a note to from my future self to my past self while this is the present as I write this..if that makes sense.

Oh dear, we got the police called on us. I meant it when I said it was a fireworks 'show' and this is a small, quiet, suburban neighborhood. Zackary came ducking quickly through the living room whispering 'The cops are here. The cops are here.' We weren't the only house shooting them off on this block but still..I can see why it would bother people. It was LOUD!

10:02 p.m. I just got up and answered the door but I didn't want to say anything I shouldn't so I passed it on to Jen, who passed it on to Mom.

10:06 p.m. Situation handled. Zack came over while I was writing and I didn't want this part shared so I went back to the beginning and read/edited some things. Hoping everything is alright. As for me, I'm praising God and heading to bed soon. I lost the gallon ziploc which protected my computer, unfortunately. I'll just have to take my chances. Oh!! And I just had a cool shower and dressed as well, which is great because I desperately needed one.

To see the fireworks videos, chack out my instagram @ chelsmith18.

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