Friday, June 19, 2015

Trip To The Creek. Soda Fast Ends.

9:40 a.m. I was awaken in the early morning hours as Jen was going to work. She set Harmony with a comforter on the linoleum floor to sleep, along with a sippy cup.. After she left, and ten minutes passed, I decided I couldn't let her take the floor while Aaliyah and I shared this cushy mattress by the air conditioning. So, I plopped Harmony next to her and I moved to the opposite end of the bed so I could fit better.

It was peaceful. By then the headache was gone, and after dreaming and when the sun was up, I laid there in the silence. The neat thing was they were both pretty much awake too, just laying silently in wait for the next person to they feel like they can get up and not be alone. Harmony, two years old mind you, was laying flat on her back looking up at the ceiling with wide open eyes, silent before looking at me. She sat up and smiled wide. I sat up and told her, "Give me a kiss." I gave her one. Then Aaliyah sat up, sleepily, and said, "I want a kiss." I giggled and gave her a kiss and that was how the morning began. I gave them Apples and water for breakfast, I started my laundry, and we lightly played outside.

Jen locked the door and left clothes and diapers and wipes on the table, but no shoes. I couldn't carry her long on our walk. Now Aaliyah is drawing, singing. Harmony is periodically having a fit with her (except right now she has a water bottle and is zipping it inside a plastic bag.) This is what childhood is like not being glued to an iPad, America. Real activities.

Also, there is a fly plague in the house (there were in previous years, nothing shocking, as it happened in my old journals.) it's Summer. Keep this between us though. It's nothing embarassing. We didn't ask for it. It just happened this way. Downside is I got a half dozen flies around me as I type this and I need a morning shower since I missed the night one. I need someone who can watch the kids first before I go do that.

12:02 p.m. Spent some time drawing amidst the 'fly plague' and I'm making lunch for the kids and drying my laundry. Z is playing GTA.

2:40 p.m. We had lunch, and made a very long, very very hot walk in 90 plus degree Florida weather to the creek. Zackary was worried about me because he said I looked like I was about to pass out. We, being, me, Zackary, Harmony, Aaliyah, and the dog, Skyla went there. We stopped halfway to rest in the shade and gave Skyla water. Later, Just before the entrance to the woods, Skyla could go no more (plopping on the ground and refusing to move) so we pushed him on and endured. Of course, we were all elated when we got to the creek. Harmony went from being scared of it, to going so deep I had to keep stopping her. There was a high current in the low water so my priority was keeping her safe. Aaliyah played in the mud and dug a large hole. Didn't swim much. Zack played with a couple of friends who were already there, on bikes and a broken go-cart. When it began to storm, I got her ready to go.

To my surprise, Grandpa was there as we were leaving. Though Zackary told Joe where we were going, Grandpa didn't know. He was just curious where went that had us gone so long. At least an hour and a half had passed by this time. Thank God he was though, sparing us a walk back through a pending storm.

Jen left me no shoes for Harmony because her room was locked so we took turns carrying her, and the bag of water, and Skyla, the whole trip. Harmony soaked one diaper and was naked the last half of the swim. I had just gotten a fresh one on her before we were leaving.

To my great dismay, I did not get pictures because the phone the sense that the touch screen mostly quit working. So stuff touched and some wouldn't.

2:57 p.m. It's only day two and I need a serious break. Aaliyah gave me a hard time about getting a bath so I just gave up. At this point, I need a good couple hours of alone time. Or silence. Whichever comes first.

3:58 p.m. Harmony is in bed. Aaliyah is calm and I'm feeling better. :) Zackary came out with the same Marilyn Monroe fleece blanket I left here months earlier. Also, my soda fast broke. Zackary offered me it after buying it for me, from the store, so I thought it would be rude to turn it down. I just asked that we get something for a headache or migraine that will no doubt happen again from drinking just one can. Sugar high!!

8:24 p.m. Soda is so cold in a hot house. I'm so sorry. I hope to give it up after I get air conditioning but water just isn't cold enough. Not immediately. I taught Aaliyah to play pinball on my computer. Before that, we were just lying about. After she woke, I let Harmony play in the hose some time after she woke. We filled up a 'pool' for the kids earleir with a gray tarp and an old blue car bed. Twice. Once by the steps, then near a bonfire to keep bugs away. Now they are in the bath and I had the best shower I have desperately needed. Harmony is out of diapers and has been naked for the past few hours lol. I miss home. Eight days to go and it's not getting easier yet but I will get days worth of rest then, I hope.

It is the weekend. The fly plague is on, the sink full of dishes (and filled to the literal brim of dirty sink water) The kids have messed up the house, it's loud. Zack's male friend brought back a lot of dreaded languarge vulgarity I thought was gone when those other guys moved out, unfortunately. Some people just have no respect of thier language around children. But I forgive. All of it. I just had to let that out. By the way, he helped fill the pool earlier so thank God for that.

So far since I've been here, Aaliyah has told me so many times that she wants to be like me. An artist, who draws from magazines and glues them in her sketchbook (she even went so far as to make her own and she's been filling it up) and be a writer, like me, sitting at the laptop and clacking away words on the keyboard. Today has been a much needed kind of day, I've been aching to swim for months and months during this hot summer and I finally got it. ^^ Best part of the day. P.S. Zackary is turning into such an artist that I was impressed. He had perfect proportions and symmetry unlike anything I could do with this Cross he drew (in a tattoo sort of style) so that was cool.

I assume Mom and Joe went out earlier. I only saw her once tonight and then not again, lol. Now I'm just waiting for Jen to get home because I LOOK as tired as I am after this long, hot, stressful, sugary, and exciting, day. Amen! Jesus rejoices.

9:05 p.m. It's been a pizza/pasta kind of week. Ordering pizza right now...Zack's friend is, which is kind of him. One of them is bacon with black olive but the olives won't be a problem to pick off, lol.

9:15 p.m. Praise the Lord. Jen is home now. Aaliyah is playing a mobile game now that it's NOT broken (and I won't have to break the news to April.) my only discomfort is the excessive violence and profanity from the GTA game Zack and his friend are playing. Chelsea out.

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