Saturday, June 27, 2015

Re-Shipments, Home Tomorrow, More.

9:21 a.m. I had a bunch of different dreams. Maybe God was hinting at something, I don't know. I had one where it was suddenly my wedding day and all the relatived poured in. My fiance and I adopted this toddler boy we found, and didn't know who he belonged to. We just decided to keep him and we asking around about the legal adoption process. Earlier in the dream, we were trying to name him, funny names like you would give a pet. Finally, I asked that we settle on something normal, like "Mike." So that was his name. Mike.

Anyway, as the wedding was spontaneously getting underway, the whole wedding party was so distracted that I was left to put my dress on myself...until a relative her my grumblings and came over to help.

In another part of the dream, we had a couple pets. A cat and a kitten and I just remember bonding more closely with them than I have any other cat.

In yet another dream, I went to a Church group with April (we aren't the same religion) and it was a group circle kind of thing. We were singing Gospel songs and I was praising God. I had an AMAZING soulful singing voice. I was forgetting this was a dream and telling April that I didn't know I could sound like that. She said she didn't either. I joked that it made sense if I could sound like it in the shower or something, but not right then. Anyway!!

So there was a lull of quiet and I immediately started belting out "How Great is our God" and they were joining in. April remained silent through all the singing that went on, of course. After it was done, she looked a bit annoyed. I asked what was wrong and she said she WAS going to ask to play a game but no, I had to go 'bursting into song.' I asked if she wanted to leave and we agreed.

The problem was I went FAR ahead of her. Like the walk was a couple miles and suddenly I was home and putting stuff up, and she wasn't. So, I bolted out the door to try and catch up to her. I ran, better than I do in real life, without running out of breath, and passing kids playing in the yard when one said I was going somewhere in a hurry. Finally, I got to where I could see her as a dot in the distance and thought I was catching up to her. There were other people on the sidewalk and I passed one guy, and she was gone. I turned around and she and she remarked what I was thinking 'I didn't know I passed you!' That's about all I remember.

The final dream (I blame the Transporter movie and maybe a little bit of Burn Notice) I was watching some guy up close, who was making deals over these burner phones. As soon as he finished the call, he would dump the phone in some bucket of water, I think. Then, he opened a little box from a pile of little white boxes and pulled out another phone, called, and made another deal.

Then he was gone and I picked up the phone. I first had to talk to an operator's instructions, and then I got a hold of someone. He started, "Hey baby.." and then started talking. This was a new burner phone, mind you. I answered in a 'more' feminine voice, pretending to be who he expected and hoping he wouldn't notice. And while he chatted, I had the phone down and not paying attention to what he was saying.
I was painting a watercolor painting on canvas, on the coffee table. There was a baby cooing in the background, but he didn't mind. I painted a faceless picture of the baby on one side of the canvas, on the other was maybe a silhuoette of a man standing. Next to him, on the edge, I painted horizontal, red, watercolor 'splatters.'

Then the guy returned. He was curious about what I was doing, mumbling something, but he didn't seem the least bit angry about me being on his burner phones which were for making his deals.

Then I woke up. It was kinda quiet. I prayed a little. I made my way out here and wrote my entry, first updating today's, then writing this one while this was all on my mind. So we are up to the current moment. Aaliyah, Harmony, and Jen are awake and by the front door and she's watching some kind of video. Zackary and his friend are asleep on a mattress here in the living room. It's raining this Saturday morning, or was, apparently.

I HOPEFULLY go home tomorrow. My worries were confirmed when I asked Jen if she even had gas money to take me home (I was under the impression that she did when she asked me to come in the first place) and she said she doesn't...only saying after 'We'll get you home, one way or another.' I hope that's true. I really have to get home, where there is quietness, companionship, my Bible, more independence, the cats, and the many varieties of activities...including the internet.

I think I'm getting sick in my throat. My fauly, to be honest. I don't think much of drinking after the kids, sharing my drink with them rather than making a new glass. lol. That is all I got to say for now. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies! Bye!!!

11:52 a.m. After relaxing, I sufficiently wore myself thin after contacting SafeLink Wireless. I was redirected to several different people, just waiting for the one person who would perform the simple task I needed with no run around. Harder than it sounds. I was angry and to the point of tears at all the waiting, then being turned down. And they could tell. FINALLY though, God sent someone who worked out the simple task and my phone is resent. :D Jesus Rejoices.

Also, I'm STILL working on getting my book re-shipped to me (it's never been so difficult to do it before.) Their customer service line is not open and email service is slow (declining in quality as the site grew bigger and more popular, including cutting it's 24/7 chat support) but I'm still fighting to get that done. I just need the book resent, to a different address. Nothing complex there.

3:11 p.m. Been watching Netflix and Youtube all day with the kids. Time to take a break, eh? P.S. Jen bought McDonalds but not for me, because I was on a diet, but Mom gave me her fries. ^^ Diet schmiet. It's out the window. Can't wait to go home tomorrow, God Willing!!!! It will be a much needed break from here....Oi Vey.

6:24 p.m. I will skip most of the past time by saying: Internet, Skyping with April, and playing with the kids. Maybe a few minutes here and there in front of the window fan in Aaliyah's room. We just got back from the creek. Jen took us rather than us walking. I just had a cold shower, a long one. P.S. Aaliyah loves her skin after all. Tomorrow, God Willing. HOME!!!

6:42 p.m. I just heard back from Blurb. My book is on my way BACK to their office but they will be happy to re-ship it ince it arrives. Until then, we shall be keeping in touch and praying it makes it back to me okay....P.S. Aaliyah had me slice an apple real quick. How odd.

9:24 p.m. That much closer to getting home. XD Nothing out of the ordinary. Kids played with bubbles during what was going to be an outdoor scavenger hunt. I made ramen, frozen hot dogs (how long they were frozen is anyone's guess) and ground turkey for dinner. Mom slaved over dishes. Sorry about that. Fries are still cooking in the oven but I'm kinda full. Washed and dried my clothes. Cannot wait to reitre tonight. There's no plan for what time I'm going home tomorrow, just that I will have a way, apparently. I'm fine with it. Excited. Can't wait to retire for tonight.

10:15 p.m. Just finished talking to April. We almost had Aaliyah come over for the week but Carlo is hurt, there's little food, and April has to prepare days beforehand like cleaning, hiding things, and getting emotionally ready to help babysit. Some other time hopefully, like next time when I get asked to come over and babysit. At some point where we can plan ahead of time instead of short notice. I'm ready to head to bed. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! P.S. No clue what day I'm going home. There is no gas money to do it with...God only knows.

10:20 p.m. Aaliyah is going to DJ's this week. Cool beans.

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