Sunday, June 28, 2015

Going Home Today. YAY!!

7:49 a.m. Today is the day I'm supposed to be going home. I feel like I should be excited, because I've been counting the days as you know, but I'm not. I have no idea if I'm going home or not, or when, or how. It's all uncertain. On top of all this, I am sick as a dog. Stuffed up and I have sore throat. This is what kisses and sharing drinks with kids gets you. God have mercy on me. I had a couple nightmares and seem to have forgotten most of the good dreams. P.S. I have "I Really Like You" by Carly Rae Jepsen in my head. It's been days now.

Some part of the dream, I was leaving with Mom and Tiffany. Tiffany was talking, upset, about her last time with Jackie and doing laundry with her. I had just gotten my purse, (The denim corset purse I have in real life) which was mostly empty. When we left the driveway, I saw a duplicate of my purse (which I thought was my 'second' purse) just lying in the front yard. We dropped her off at Joan's house and I asked to go back for my other purse, which had things I needed in it [unlike the one I had] and she agreed to do it. That's mostly the chunk I remember.

Jen is taking Aaliyah to DJ's for a week. I'm wondering if she plans on dropping me off on the way or not. In an unrelated note, Weekend-Hotspot Palooza is over and I am back to having no internet this morning. There are worse things in life, much worse, I assure you.

8:13 a.m. I've been editing my entries. I'm such a goof. I thought it was Monday! Mom is here. That means...Hot Spot!!

10:24 a.m. I spent a quiet morning with Mom, playing Flight Rising and Facebook. When the kids got up, Youtube. After that, I let Harmony play in the water hose while Skyla went out. She had fun. I laid down a couple minutes and now the kids are having breakfast. I've got great news though. Mom said she is taking me home later. YAYY!!! Now I'm excited, again. ^^ Don't know how long 'later' will be but it doesn't matter. Ten days are completed and I'm going home for a good LONG while. Hehe.

10:46 a.m. Unfortunately, I cannot find my Marilyn Blanket. I've practically seen it here every day until TODAY of all days for it to get lost, when I need to take it home. Looks like I'm leaving it here...again. :/

12:02 p.m. I never found the blanket. I just got back from watching a movie with Mom on tv. Odd movie about a ghost, the deceased son of his aunt's twin. He was trying to be reborn through his cousin (causing her hamr), much to the panic of his pregnant (with twins) mother. Then the mother has the twins and one of them is him, reborn. Just all around odd. Mom says we can leave in a couple hours. I'm all packed otherwise. Jesus rejoices. God bles,s Jesus loves, lives, saves! Later homies! P.S. Kids are being quieter and I am still sick. Oh God, am I sick.

1:13 p.m. Over an hour later, it took a few tries but I FINALLY got all my entries (except today's, of course) on Blogger WITH the photos. Zack was disappointed that I wouldn't make pancakes. I'll live. I was caught up in my business and I'm not elated to cook. -_- It may also be the fact that I won't always jump up and cook at the drop of a hat. Moving on....

1:21 p.m. I got all my entries updated. Back to putting them in Wordpad before adding them to blogger, perhaps after I'm home. About the pancakes, there were also no clean frying pans and no dish soap. (Thoguh he wasn't asking me to wash) He used liquid bubbles to wash it which Mom was okay with, and I found odd. I don't know how sanitary that is.

1:43 p.m. Family and I had a brief discussion about this Southern Flag ban going on. IMHO, Like someone else mentioned, not all southern people were slaveholders or supporters and they still held the flag. It never meant anything offensive to me and I apologize if this paragraph offends. It's just how I feel.

Yes, blacks are, today, oppressed. Yes, they were enslaved. To be okay with the flag, is not in support of those two things just because some who flew it back then WERE.

Slavery has gone on for millenia. Slaves brought over from Africa were enslaved, for generations, by other Africans long before the white man. Again, this is not a fact stated in support of slavery, to excuse it, or saying that it should have been legalized, God forbid. It's just history. A flag raised on a side that, thankfully, LOST. It became a very casual southern symbol but I don't think this flag was intended, (at least for today's times) not by ALLpeople  anyway, to support the oppression and enslaving of the black race.

1:58 p.m. Leaving soon!!

3:16 p.m. Almost two hours later. I'm already home, at, and took some Nyquil and soda, Fresca. Chatted up Rob and bonded with the cat. Currently surrounded by three rambunctious kittens. Mom loved the BeetleJuice Dubstep on the way, by the way. I've only unpacked my purse so far. Not even my laundry or suitcase yet. Bigger laptop is somewhere around here, I think. For now, I'm on my netbook with high speed internet. Woot!

I still feel hot for some reason. I thought I would be euphoric in the air conditioing but it feels like I'm still longing for the iciness of the window unit. I couldn't even sleep because of it.

8:19 p.m. I hung out with April and played Flight Rising until around 5-6 p.m. before finally taking a nap. Jesus Rejoices. Next up: Rob is making bacon-wrapped hotdogs. It's all kinds of unhealthy but we'll get healthier next week's grocery trip. I'll try to live until then, lol.

11:09 p.m. First I ate. Then, it was too much Flight Rising.

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