Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lifestyle Change: Day Twenty-Four. Change of Heart.

8:04 a.m. Quick overview of yesterday.
  • A walk and jogging. Ate lots of fruits and vegetables. And some beans later that night. My non-dairy fruit and veggie smoothie didn't work out too well that morning.
  • Flight Rising. A little too much.
  • Started reading 'The Lovely Bones' and I got heavily into it. Loved the movie and so far the book is even better.
  • Washed dishes.
  • Carlo got a vet visit and everything turned out fine, praise the Lord.
  • I had to sort out what April's cat feeding schedule meant.
  • Hung out with the roomies as usual.
  • Carlo has been hanging out in my room.
  • I haven't updated Seize and I've missed two opportunities to do so thus far. -facepalm-
  • Heavily craved hot dogs and pizza but did not give in. I see processed food, mostly, as chemicals...and something foreign I don't want in my body. It's pleasant smell, and taste (if I would do it) are chemically made that way, mere marketing tools for corporate profit and not to my benefit. It's barely real food to me, lol.
  • Green apple and water for breakfast.
  • Lost an inch off my thigh this week, a half inch on my calf, and some more 'half inches' off some other parts of my body while others remained the same. My glutes are down nearly two inches in nine days. I've also lost an inch, or more, in my 'bust line' which is the line from each armpit just below the collarbone...a collarbone which is finally starting to show by the way. And here I thought I wasn't making much progress, lol. Tis' about health anyway. Drinking more water this past month has been a blessing. Jesus rejoices. 
  • I'm trying to do other things than play computer games all day like I have this week. It shows I am if I've got something else to talk about. I have toned down the exercising but as long as I'm not adding to my weight too much, even if I'm not losing anything, I'm feeling just fine.
  • Carlo is meowing a lot this morning. I just have to be patient with him.
11:33 a.m. Today I have read my Bible, played Flight Rising, Read more of The Lovely Bones, tidied up a bit, PAINTED a new favorite watercolor painting of mine and planning to start another artwork here shortly. Still meaning to exercise today, feeling bloated, but no worries. Making an egg salad sandwich for lunch today. God bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, saves! All glory, praise, thanks and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, Amen! God is able!

2:15 p.m. Burned my eggs while making a new drawing, which also turned out well. One egg was so burned it actually was outside of the pan on the stove. I had a cheat meal. Not a healthy one. Two hot dogs on wheat bread with shredded cheese. I have been rethinking my diet thing because I don't feel like I can win right now.

If I eat unhealthy, I get my calories quota but not my nutrients.
If I eat healthy, I get my nutrients but eat a dangerously low number of calories.
Either way it doesn't turn out that great.
May as well eat both together. Get calories AND daily nutrients, burn things off with some exercise. I would gain weight, likely, since it can only seem to stable or go UP these days no matter what I do but if I don't overeat, I won't put it back on plus extra.

My money is limited as are my healthy food choices, anyway. I can only stand to eat straight beans, rice, peanuts, fruit, and veggies for so many weeks before I'm missing tastier food. Yes, maybe the food companies get a point for this one. Yes, I'm sorry for my hypocrisy. This is a battle.

I feel bloated today so that does not boost my faith in this thing.

So instead of going all healthy, I want to stop depriving myself of MOST usual foods. Eat in portions as WELL as take vitamins and eat healthy foods along with it. Still go 'water only' if possible for drinks. I haven't lost weight, even though I've changed physically. As long as I do the portion thing and eat health-IER, then I should fine. Exercise as well. I just need to be normal, lol. It still counts as a lifestyle change so far, just not the one expected. I have to do what works for me and be happy so it really will last.

I'm not saying eat two hot dogs smothered in cheese on bread most of the week, of course. I still don't want desserts, either. The hot dogs were a big cheat meal but for future reference, I want portions. I can still watch for too much sugar, calories, sodium, saturated fat, and refined carbs and whatnot. Absolutely not going back to soda so far so that's a plus. :D We just live in a processed food kind of world. It's gotten to the point where the government is dismantling the real farms because they aren't doing the unhealthy 'scientific' things to the last healthy food left in America and what healthy foods WE can get to are likely processed anyway.

I went through my magazines and looked for references and whatnot and just played a little Flight Rising. Glad to be doing a real update. :) End rant.

EDIT: Played a lot of Flight Rising, recall not much else.

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