Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lifestyle Change: Day Twenty-Eight.

8:31 a.m. Don't recall much about yesterday except hanging out with the roomies and going grocery shopping. I also started 'Mommie Dearest.' I've started eating deli and dairy again, lean wise. Although I may be giving up Silk Soy Milk in the future due to the fact that it uses cane sugar.

I think I put weight on again despite eating healthier. The point is though, that I'm healthier. I'l be back later with more to say. P.S. Made homemade pizza last night.

8:48 a.m. I've definitely gotten bigger than last week. :( Bit of a downer but give me a little time and that'll change. Mood, I mean. Like I said, I think I got healthier than I was. four more days and I will have been at this for an entire month, Praise God. I heard the first few months are always difficult. then it gets easy. I hope that's true. :) Still weaving my way around, trying to find the healthier side that suits me best. Praying it's not my destiny to just stay this size the rest of my life.

8:54 a.m. Had a dream that I found my Mema's old polaroid camera. Anyway! I just started taking some wild facial selfies with it, in awe of this tool I never used in my life even once. After taking one photo, more started popping out uncontrollably.

Some even had me looking around age 11-12, wearing a very familiar and very real pair of 101 Dalmatian leggings I wore at a younger age than that. I was there with my sister and Dad, who were also younger in the photo, and there was some more old family photos popping out.

I dug into some of my Mema's old stuff, like decades old stuff, and found a white paper bag of live 'parasitic' looking shrimp (with little legs still moving) and I panicked to get rid of them and dumped them in a bucket-like trash thing. I couldn't believe how long they survived amidst junk.

Then they started rising to the surface, so I drowned them all in a spray chemical until they were dead, all the while screaming for Mema to come because I was panicked and terrified. P.S. Sorry for animal cruelty.

I had some other dream related to the film, 'The Ringer' but I have no idea what happened in it. 

9:06 a.m. The power inexplicably went out, and the internet, while I was uploading a photo example of those leggings I mentioned. Thus I am continuing this entry in Wordpad. Sort of. 

Ah, now I know what I wanted to say. There was an image that best illustrates the family one I was speaking of, but it's on my netbook I believe. I was thinking I didn't want to go through the trouble of turning it on just to get it, but now I'm think since the power is out...doing so may be a way to pass the time. 

I miss writing in Seize. I haven't updated it in what feels like a month. Have not had the opportunity. :/

9:20 a.m. To my great dismay, I have lost all my flash drives and memory cards. Kept them in a little baggie, moved the baggie at one point, and now have no clue where they are. Sigh. On a better note, I found the picture, just had to take a copy of the photo with the camera phone. In the dream, I was in this scene in the photo, only several years older and on the opposite side of them, looking near the camera. Faces have been covered/blurred to protect their identities, thanks. The other female in this photo does not want people seeing her in her childhood photos.

9:31 a.m. The power is back, the internet is not. :(

9:32 a.m. Now it's back, lol. P.S. Instead of using the first image I uploaded, I am using the one closest related to the one in the dream. Now I need to step away from the computer, draw something, shower, anything new today. God bless, as always, Jesus loves, died for us, rose by God, and saved. Later homies. God is real and He loves us.

6:53 p.m. did my art, read Mommie Dearest a couple hours, and now April lets me work on Seize! yay!

7:06 p.m. Just because the program allows for 480 pages, doesn't mean it will be stable that way. i've decided it might be time to order the book and be done..move onto Booksmart early. :D It's becoming unmanagable and I'm unable to back it up if the worst happens.

In other news, my brother is having a baby again, YAY!

9:00 p.m. After nearly two hours of work and twenty-fve pages, I am up to date on my journal. Praise The Lord! Now waiting on Seize to finish uploading it so I can buy it.

On the plus side, since it's shorter, I won't be paying as much as I expected so I'm happy about that. Plus, SO many color pages. Praying it doesn't get lost in the mail or something though, I'd be devastated. Though I wouldn't give up trying to get it. I have worked on it for EIGHT months after all. :D So much has gone on. Oi Vey.

Holidays. trips, pets, birthdays, make-ups, quarrels, family stuff, gain and loss, worry and joy. My looks changed drastically. My weight, I cut my hair off and dyed it blonde. April cut her hair off. New dreams...just so much!!!! I was hoping to get nearly a year if possible but as I said, the program was not working properly and going on despite it would risk losing the entire book. I couldn't have that. Besides, I'm happy to get back to Booksmart, lol. Jesus rejoices.

9:19 p.m. They don't have coupons I can use this time, for the first time in forever. They either want you paying a lot first or buying in bulk. Just have to cross my fingers tha 37 bucks is enough for the long desired book. If not, I'm going black and white...

9:38 p.m. About to order it, calling it a night unless something eventful happens. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. Paying full price but I assure you, I live.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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