Thursday, June 18, 2015

Family Day

5:42 p.m. I had an 'art day' yesterday and just as it says, “I spent the entire day doing artworks. :D TODAY, I got an early morning surprise by finding Grandpa on the porch, instead of the usual Donny. This only a couple minutes after asking Jen to make sure whoever was sent to get me, should have room for my laundry basket so I can have ten days worth of clothes.

While I rushed to pack, since I didn't do so the night before (expecting them not to arrive until the afternoon) April got a ride from him to get some soda at the store. I got clothes, art stuff, food, and the smartphone (which has games.) It wasn't until after, when we were in the car, I learned that there was no cable, no internet, and the 'paying' live-in tenants (the ones whose violent talk, habitual swearing, and ignoring my existence had made me uneasy at Mom's) moved back to New York. Consequently, this meant bills were tougher and Mom cut cable and internet to save money. If there were no kids here, I imagine the days would go by quite silently.

Now, I only wish I had known sooner so April and Rob would know I would be unreachable online...and the same fact to my potential date on OkCupid who I've been talking to daily. Now, I'm just hoping that when I miss ten days worth of messages, he doesn't think it was an intent to ignore him or something.

Also, there is no air conditioning here, only a few generously blowing fans to cling to. No television, since it's hooked up to someone else's X-Box in the living room and Aaliyah's television gets no channels at all. I'm not about to invade Mom's while she is not home.

No internet means no blogging, no Secondlife, no keeping up with Flight Rising, no Okcupid, Skype, no email, no Instagram, Stumbleupon, Pininterest (recent fascination), Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, and a whole slew of other things.

I also still have no phone since Safelink never sent one.

Ten days and counting. I hope the book I want, which is an account from a coroner to the 'late' stars, is worth it. Lol. This is different. I can draw, read, and daydream. My headphones are big and not very loud and the kittens ruined part of the one's April so kindly lent me after they raided my purse.

I have mostly given up the diet/lifestyle change after thirty days, (more lenient, really) eating both healthy and unhealthy food (and now suffering a headache from pasta) but I still have soda kicked. Just need to drink water more often. Still taking my pills. I've put on a little weight, but not enough to be alarmed. I just hope I can get better at this. Exercise more, too. The daily photos have stopped as well, but that's fine. Ashamed to say I missed the comfort foods of alfredo pasta and pizza with gooey cheese. Still need my veggies though, lol.

It was an extremely hot day and I spent it with Harmony and Aaliyah. They played in the water hose, had a playful bubble bath, we drew things, played, and I was eventually on the couch reading (Top of the Rock by Warren Littlefield)...with Aaliyah wondering when I would be done already.

Jen invited me to donate Plasma Saturday. If I had a regular ride, I could do it more often but I hope to go at least this once and make twenty bucks. I just hope I have enough Iron this time.

Mom is not home yet. Zackary is staying here but I haven't seen him all day. What started out as a VERY hot sunny day has ended in a violent storm outside. Typical Florida weather. Grandpa left somewhere. Mema and Papa are well, Praise the Lord. She seems very much herself again, from what I hear. So much so, that Grandpa thinks she doesn't have Alheimers after all.

More soon...

6:41 p.m. I tried to get Metallica Through The Never to play on the computer. First it was skippy. Then Mom brought pizza home and was in a bad mood, bad day, but she apologized. And I ate two slices kinda quickly through the film. No breadsticks. Not healthy. I shrugged. I thought about hanging out with her but it's clear that she needs a chance to relax. She's not displaying a bad mood anymore, but I know the bad day is lingering. She's ranting about something inaudible in the bedroom, door closed. I think I'm gonna finish a drawing I was working on. I'm getting closer to realism now, as I saw a bit with this drawing of an elderly person (so strange looking, I cannot decide to call them either male or female) but I am happy.

7:41 p.m. Spent some time drawing and then went for the short drive with Grandpa to get Zackary. We're back now. I don't know why I kept thinking he's thirteen going on fourteen. He's turning fifteen. His voice is already changing. If his mother were still here, she'd be so proud.

EDIT: Zackary let me play his ATV game and we tried to watch some movies, but I had the worst migraine..which I know was directly caused by several days of pizza and pasta. It was a hard night's sleep. Zack let me get ahold of April and the Okcupid guy I told you about towards the internet issue.

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