A Daily Diary: Babysitting and End Lifestyle Change.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Babysitting and End Lifestyle Change.

9:56 a.m. I went to bed sometime past ten last night so I got a good amount of sleep. I had some dream about a girl's friend who became a ghost and followed her around, helping her and stuff, unknown to her parents until they are tragically shot by a criminal and then become ghosts themselves. The ghost protected the daughter from harm and the last thing I recall is her jumping out of the car and running down a highway full of cars stopped in traffic.

Later that night...
I made the kids some turkey bacon this morning. Not the tastiest thing in the world, which is why even Harmony lost interest in it after a few bites, and Aaliyah is eating it nonchalantly. I asked Jen for some headache pills and those vitamins she was talking about earlier but she was just having some alone time outside so I have to wait. She'll get around to it when she gets to it. I've had a 'lingering' headache. It's not a full headache but it's a very slight dull pain now and then like there's threatening to be one, like a low rumbling thunder before a storm.

Zack's friend is playing GTA. It's otherwise a quiet morning. Harmony is bubbly and Aaliyah is actually sitting in one place, kicking her legs playfully, and chilling out.

I woke up surprised to find myself still skinny despite the horrible way I've been treating my diet. Several days of pasta and pizza and two pepsi's. I don't even have fruits of vegetables since the first day I got here, I had a little spinach to use and the rest was on
it's last legs. I shared my apples. Those are gone. I have tortillas, my lean turkey, cheese, (meat and cheese will be gone after today) and some feta (which has gone unused) and pepperoni. I tried several pieces of turkey bacon and now I have the hiccups. I haven't had hiccups in ages, lol. More soon. God bless, Jesus died, rose, lives, saves. As always, later homies.

11:48 a.m. Well, I'm exhausted. I just got done playing outside in the water hose with the kids (who got very, very muddy) and once again, it would have been a photo opportunity had the phone not died. I just got back from laying down a good while in front of a
I want a hard print of this one day. So vintage looking.
window unit air conditioner. I think I forgot to bring an actual charger and am now charging it on my netbook, which is doing so VERY VERY slowly....

12:44 p.m. Played a good amount of Solitaire. I'm about to get a break from the kids while Jen takes them to Mema's house. I'm staying here of course, quite happily. Still haven't spent much time with Mom. Not sure how much of a 'people' mood she is in anyway. lol.

4:11 p.m. They left several hours ago. For a while, Zack and his friend played GTA, then I hung out in the living room with Mom. She went to lay down with a  headache, I eventually went to Aaliyah's room until Grandpa brought new magazines. Then I read through them before finishing them off (Two issues of Bloomberg's Business Week) in Mom's room, as she slept, after the guys left. Now I got an odd pizza craving even though we've been eating pizza for two nights now.

EDIT: Funnily enough, they showed up with pizza later. I played a little driving on GTA, lol. Zack and some of his friends went to the mudhole. Jen went on a date and I babysat until 10:30ish before Harmony, Aaliyah, and I all went to sleep in the same bed.

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