Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NO Soda Fast: Day Three

6:44 p.m. Today I was doing a lot more fitness and drinking MUCH more water, also more bathroom trips and more research was involved into health and wellness...hours of it. I've been relaxed. My skin is smoother. I feel a headache 'trying' to happen but gee, since I had all that water it just isn't happening, lol. Same thing happened with heartburn today...tried to happen and didn't. :D If that makes any sense.

Yesterday I was already seeing results and feeling better as well. I've been eating more greens, more portions, NO snacking...not even popcorn and mostly skipping lunch.

Here is me yesterday, JUST two days of lean eating and water only. you will remember my photo shoot I took before my trip to Mema's, in the same shirt, (right) THAT is what I call fast results!! Why WOULDN'T I be sticking to this for the 31 days?!

I feel fantastic and my mood is improved. I will say today I am a little bloated compared to yesterday, but not deterred. I HAVE changed my diet and my portions, eating around 1/2 cup to a cup at meal time (which is about twice a day) before feeling satisfied and water holds off my appetite LONGER. We do need more greens. I've had lettuce, green beans, and a little parsley. I have also had pasta (about a half cup, more or less, mixed with hamburger and pasta sauce) which needs to leave my diet in the future as well. I DO want a lifestyle change..fruits, nuts, beans, veggies, grains, water....the whole shebang. I want to be a success story. 

No more desserts or late night snacking, artificial sugars, fats, greasy foods...but I want to try 31 days first and see how it goes. I have high hopes that if the next 28 days are successful, I will push for 60, then 90, God only knows. :D And He's watching over me, smiling, he he. 

I told April I wanted to buy more veggies next grocery trip. She advised frozen veggies and canned fruits. I'm wary to go frozen because it costs more, and I won't touch canned fruit. Do not like it a bit. Plus it's my body and I'm controlling what goes into it. Not to mention, my budget is 20 bucks and I need stuff for the things I want like SALAD and tuna albacore which takes out of the budget as it is before the cost of frozen food (which is LESS food, though preserved, than buying fresh and as I said, more expensive.) I need bulk, enough to last the week, or more. I do get her point, but I know me. I can handle this.
I get where she's coming from because she will call out past experiences like "Well, we tried getting some but it just rotted." BUT that is because it was not a sole part of the diet, being consumed every day. I plan on making this my core diet which is a different circumstance entirely.

More ever, off topic, I do not own a scale. I will be measuring weight loss progress, goal wise, in inches taken off my waist. I'm at 35 1/2 and the goal is to get to a 33, or even a 32, in the month...if possible. I'm also trimming glutes and thighs. Everything above those body parts, aside from flabby arms (don't get me wrong, I love myself) is in a normal adequate shape. I also must say I am more relaxed when resting and attempting sleep but the DOWNSIDE is I have to interrupt that with many MANY bathroom trips. More soon...speaking of which. God is able to do above all we ask or think, in Jesus Name, Amen!
7:09 p.m. I'm doing that thing where I argue in my head with April again. I apologize. It's like I'm trying to prepare for every possible argument we may have when it comes to the grocery store and she'll want to exert control and I would push back, begging to have this opportunity to control what is going in my body and being permitted to make that choice. Although granted such a victory would not come without being guilted but still, I'll get over it. Best case scenario, I get allowed to do it and nobody minds it...we move on.

Back to the fitness thing. I have been doing walking and making up some of my 'own' exercises which work the legs, stomach, back, and hips and feel GREAT!! :D Still hoping I stick to it.

Also, a happy SECOND birthday to my beautiful niece, Harmony, who you see all over this entry. Told you I'd be posting pictures taken at Mom's until they run out. God willing, all these entries get copied into Seize, which is WEEKS behind, and I have them preserved. I still have money set aside to order it when it's finished, although that, again Lord Willing, may take a while.                                                                                                 7:41 p.m. I brought Carlo in. Also, in a moment of weakness, I caved and had a snack. A few ounces of popcorn, probably less than half a cup. I think I'm okay. XD

11:28 p.m. Well, I just got up from my 'nap' and I feel both hungry and bloated. This is probably still that point where I resist temptation and keep drinking MORE water (I slowed it down before sleeping so I could actually SLEEP) but wound up needing more. I AM at a point where my need for water has increased, where I've taken in more than usual and my body wants to keep that UP. Pretty awesome and pretty hard at the same time.

1:54 a.m. Although it may sound extreme, in the past two hours I have had around a half a gallon of water. :) (coupled with numerous bathroom trips, lol.) I've been spending more time researching the benefits a water-heavy diet and learned so much...including not to worry if it does not cause sudden weight loss BECAUSE that could mean the water is trying to cure something else more important than my weight and that is GREAT!

As this rolls onto day four, and pray God it will become WEEK four as time rolls on, I end the updates here. God bless, Jesus loves, died, rose, saves! All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able!

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